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Featured Marco Massarutto Responds to Free Porsche Content Criticism

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Assetto Corsa Porsche DLC Preview Image.jpg
    Marco Massarutto, Kunos Simulazioni Licencing Manager and somewhat outspoken unofficial Kunos spokesperson, has responded via his Facebook account to the rather strong criticism from some members of the community following the free Porsche content announcement several days ago.

    With feelings running high amongst the community, and many people voicing negative feelings regarding the inclusion of SUV's from the prominent German manufacturer, Massarutto has taken to his personal Facebook profile to respond directly to those vocal critics. As is the usual Massarutto style, no punches have been pulled in the latest statement!

    The full Marco Massarutto Facebook statement can be read below:

    "Imagine you get into a mall to buy a pair of Lee jeans, and when you go for the check out, the guy at desk tells you "I'm glad to tell you that, since you have purchased this product, you will get this t-shirt for free, offered by Lee".

    What do you will answer? Some options:

    - I didn't ask for it, just give me my jeans...
    - I don't like this t-shirt, I'm not going to wear it
    - What are you trying to do? To fill my closet with useless stuff?!
    - I've a t-shirt already, I don't need this so-called gift
    - Let's do this: give me the jeans for free and keep the t-shirt for you
    - If I was interested to a t-shirt, I would have purchased it
    - What a waste of time and money, tell Lee to give me a 100$ jacket for free instead
    - I'm here for the jeans and you give me a free t-shirt? Shame on you
    - So, now Lee gives stuff for free to let me have a taste of it? Shame on them

    Sounds weird? Not to some simracers. Sad, but true.

    So, about Porsche: few people complain because Assetto Corsa will release - for free, and even if you just own the game but you don't purchase any Porsche DLC - the new Panamera, Cayenne and Macan. Saying the things you can read above. As part of our agreement with Porsche, the Brand asked us to reproduce, for THEIR simulators, ALSO the models included in their current production. For THEIR purposes. Once we worked for months to reproduce those models with the maximum accuracy for Porsche simulators, we believed it would have been a shame do not allow the AC community to enjoy those cars as well. Without charging them. And that's it. Also because we take in consideration that the AC community is so wide today that different people like different cars, something that some blind gamers still don't understand, or accept. On the other side, this kind of agreement allows us to reproduce and make available for Assetto Corsa cars like the one you see in the picture.

    So, today lot of people tell me that they want so badly in Assetto Corsa the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde . If to get it in the game we would be asked to include also the next Stelvio SUV as free bonus content, would you complain for it? If yes, probably you would need to turn off your PC or console, open the door, leave the house, close your eyes and take a breath; and relax. Because it looks to me that you are not able anymore to enjoy what is supposed to be your passion. BTW, driving the new PanameraTurbo at the Nordschleife in 7'.39" is a blast, and it is not for everyone. Stay tuned. And take it easy, enjoy your life, you live once"

    The Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment is the place to be for the latest news, discussions and downloads for Kunos Simulazioni's flagship racing simulation. As with most racing games, online is where the game really shines. Pop over and discover what all the fuss is about, join in one of our epic club and league racing events today!

    What do you think of Massarutto's comments? Let us know below!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
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  2. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium

    Folk nowadays it's an absolute disgrace that they complain about free stuff.
    Entitlement is such an ugly quality.
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  3. It is only advertise and marketing. No Racer in this world would voluntary drive a SUV. Don't know why Porsche and Maserati forced AC bring this content to their "your racing Simulator"? Better they bundel their human resources for other things (like playing guitar)
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  4. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Ah little friendly reminder for you folks.

    I got my eye on this thread. If this becomes a thread of madness and chaos, I'll be taking actions

    Got something to debate, stick the ego up your gut and talk like a normal human being.
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  5. This behaviour is like the austronaut guy in the lego movie when they let him finally build his space ship... he started flying like mad all around the legoverse screaming "spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!"...
    Swap "spaceship" with "Racing car" and you're done... ;)
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  6. Its a racing sim, not a city driving experience... SUV and family saloons have no place in a Racing sim.

    Breaking news...Kunos have announced the Cheshire and Kensington school run simulator. ;-P

    i' am from Harrogate so very very similar.
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  7. Unbelievable.

    Really, community? What a shame.

    Have you driven a non-racing car in Assetto Corsa? The sim's physics really shines with these cars. It's a great experience.
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  8. So, based on your reply I can only assume that you've asked every single"racer" on the planet if they would drive an SUV. As if that isn't a remakable enough accomplishment, you're also so supremely qualified that you know how to run their business better than they do! Can you please come over and help me run my company, I've only been successfully doing it for 20 years so I must be doing something wrong.:O_o:
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
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  9. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium

    And you'll be one of the mentioned.
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  10. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    My 2 cents. These are free. FREE. You don't like what you're being given, no big deal, they don't cost you a cent. You have every right to choose whether you want to buy the paid DLCs, whether they appeal to you or not. You are not being forced to drive these 3 cars, they cost you literally nothing.

    The sense of entitlement that one must have to complain about free content is astounding. You are getting 24 other Porsche models people, 24! I'm sure there will plenty of cars you will all enjoy out of those 24. To complain about 3 cars that are being offered for free is absolutely ridiculous.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2016
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  11. How can we. the cars are not available....unless, shock horror. you work for Kunos Marketing department and we all know what Douglas Adams thought of marketing.

    How can anyone defend these cars.....you are not a sim racer....you SIR are working for the man.
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  12. Really? Well the Stang is in the game and the Panamrra will run circles around it so maybe they shouldn't include that either?
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  13. Kunos marketing are working overtime :)
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  14. I'll just leave this here:
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  15. Kunos don't waste your talent and time with these opinions.
    Keep your motivation strong and move on.
    You built a great simulator and the vast majority supports you and is counting on you to make AC even better.
    The people that criticize are like boys that don't like soup. It is OK if you don't like soup but making a fuss out of it is just immature.
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  16. I'm not against free add-ons, just so long as the product doesn't become an advertising platform via content.
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  17. The situation being ilustrated by the dev is not entirely accurate .I want to buy 10 quality shirts (cars),10 shoes (tracks) but there are only 9 shirts available and 6 shoes.So of course i don't get too happy when i get offered a free t shirt .This is the way i see it.
    Anyway the Asetto Corsa DLC are high quality and verry cheap.But I would have liked if the enounced the cool cars first, and then if they said Oh look you get also these free cars nobody would have minded.
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  18. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium

    To be honest I don't think anything is free from advertising today
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  19. Every Single Muppet, fails to realise. I LOVE AC.................Hell I had to buy the wife a new comp and CV1.
    Why do people defend the inclusion of SUV in a racing sim? This fact simply does not compute. SUV and racing?

    Will the Kunos and affiliate marketing teams, please stop defending the inclusion of SUV and a family saloon in a racing simulator. I know I will be drowned out by the relentless pursuit of oh a SUV is fun bollocks.
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  20. RC45


    But they can be fun if correctly appointed.

    I like the Panamera and the Cayenne - I am still undecided on the Macan.

    Then again it may be because I have driven both a Panamera Turbo S and a Cayenne Turbo S in anger on a race track and the freeway and only seen the Macan in passing.

    I have yet to meet a person that has driven these 2 cars in anger who have not come away saying "F***** m* I have to buy one/wish I could afford one!".

    They are proper high performance cars - street cars yes, but still damn capable and damn fast and dare I say the Panamera is what every AMG saloon and M car saloon wants to be when it grows up LOL :)

    They present a different challenge and set of circumstances to master when driving hard on track - but they do deliver.

    Being that both cars cost more than I want to spend of a daily driver, my daily driver is a much cheaper alternative - a 2015 Tahoe PPV that has been "civilianized" with leather interior and trimmings, I can say I really enjoy the large carrying capacity and comfort that belies the handling, braking and over all performance underneath.

    The Cayenne Turbo S is just the same thing but in spades more :)

    All these "its a race sim why have street cars" folks forget that even race car drivers take a day off every now and again LOL
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