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Manual pitlane lolipop man

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dries Dorme, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    When I race, I always have the pitstop assists to manual; and so, I often try to kill my lollipop man.
    Now, can anyone tell me what the correct distance is to brake for your pitbox?
    I'm cruising at 100 km/h; but when do I have to slow down (I believe it's around 43 km/h) for my pitbox?
    Or do you just have to guess it; like I'm doing now?

  2. Best to turn the racing line on and practice, find a visual marker then turn the racing line off and see if your marker is any good... that's how I practiced it anyway :)
  3. I really dislike the racing line! Only used it a couple of times, and switched it off; didn't even know it worked in the pitlane!
  4. Yeah I never use the racing line, i hate it also.... gives me a sore head lol but yes it works in the pit lane, goto GP mode and just do the practice session and before entering the pits turn it on and get to know where the breaking point is :)
  5. That's an excellent idea; thanks Allan :)
  6. I dont think it makes much difference, just brake a little early to be safe. Its not like the AI driver slams on the brakes when you hit them anyway, you still glide into your box.
  7. It makes a difference online though :)
  8. hmmm perhaps but i still dont think theres much times to be gained by being late on the brakes, you still cruise into the box at a simular speed.

    I was practicing for a 100% race at Silverstone the other day and was trying to judge where to brake for the pitlane entry speed limit line, i sorta just didnt bother in the end and just hacked it in and allowed the AI to slow me down, didnt manage to pick up a penalty!! Is this normal? And yes i did have it all on manual :)
  9. If you are late on the brakes you end up running over the lollipop man, who then pushes you back into the pit box. Result is you've just wasted 5-7 secs before they even start to change your tyres

    I find you have to hit the brakes when you are opposite the previous pit.
  10. How do you mean, opposite? Just next to it?
  11. Just when you pass the pit box before your own, hit the brakes, better to early than to late since it costs very little time to brake early as opposed to being late and running over your lollipop guy. Just practise a few pitstops, it is not that hard to find where you need to brake. :)
  12. I start braking when my front wheel lines up with the crew in the box, just before it begins to turn.

    I hate pits. It can be the cleanest stop, I dont need to be pushed back, but I still dont get away quicker than 8secs.
  13. I've heard that the perfect pit braking line is different for every track. I hate this because on one track i'm doing 3.8 on other track it costs me 7 secs. The auto pit is for dummies. They have to give us the possibility to drive the car in the pit-lane in 2011.
  14. yes
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree with the previous poster.. I tend to wait until I am just about level with the pit box next to mine then hit the brakes and it seems to work just about right.
  16. Yeh i know that if your late on teh brakes you hit the bloke, what i was saying is why wait so late to plow your brakes on. I hit mine earlyish and i still cruise into the pitbox at a good speed. To me it doesnt seem worthwhile trying to time it to perfection and risk running down the lollipop man.
  17. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Unless on your last pit stop he held you up for ages while all the AI streamed past you :wink:
  18. Yeh in that case go for it!! :)
  19. try braking just before the car starts to turn that usually works.