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Skins Manor Marussia 2015 1.2

The Manor Marussia on the RB10

  1. thedeadman2007 submitted a new resource:

    Manor Marussia 2015 - The Manor Marussia on the RB10

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  2. The black stripe only appears in some camera modes and it is from the side of the rear wing (can't think of its name) but the thing circled in yellow

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  3. Thanks for the info will look at a change for that section, maybe look at black end plate with a white stripe and red top then move the logo further down in the nose, thanks again for the Heads up keep an eye out for a corrected update will also try to add a DHD version, also I have the issue with it not displaying in the menu screen, it does if it's on the red bull car but don't know if that's a database issue
  4. fitti


    I mod 2015 Lesley Buurlage and a car from the car pack 1 Melbourne GP 2015 1.1 Everything is good colors and sponsors, only missing the first page of the game.
  5. that's the mod i have on mine but like yours it doesn't display the car on the menu screen, i have access to the database file but i haven't found anything in there that might allow it to be displayed again...
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