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Tracks Manfeild Autocourse, NZ 0.95

Manfeild, NZ (Long Layout)

  1. Terra21

    Premium Member

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  2. awesome thanks for this! can't wait to fire it up tonight
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  3. Looks nice, thanks. :)

    Do these tracks have physical bump mesh for FFB feeling in the road? It doesnt say and most modders put it in the description when they have it. There is a good guide by LilSki in AC forum how to do it in case it doesnt have it. Without bump mesh it feels like driving on glass. All Kunos tracks and many mod tracks now have it after they learned how to add it. Basically an invisible copy of the road mesh with higher resolution and "noise" filter on it for small up/down bumps so it feels like real life. Sorry if you already have it. Cant test right at this moment. Anyway, thank you! :thumbsup:
  4. Terra21

    Premium Member

  5. Terra21

    Premium Member

    removed a rogue tree that was in middle of the track.so if you if you have it.. download again