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Making your F1-2010 the best game you ever played

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dutch De Jong, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. F1-2010 is a good game with no mods (some might not agree :)) but when you add these mods you feel like you just bought a completely new game.

    List of Mods:
    - All HD Skins you can find
    - RDD True AI 1.3
    - AI Slow Corner Fix
    - RDD Real Tyres
    - +25% Damage (without Less Grip)
    - All Camara's Mega Mod 3.0
    - RDD Artgear + Helmets 24 Riders Of The Grill
    - Enhanched Audio
    - Real RPM
    [Optional] - RDD Ultra Light (version of your choice)

    I dont use RDD Ultra Light because my pc cant handle F1-2010 anymore when i have it active.

    When people cant find the mods, just ask and ill put the RD links in this post
  2. I agree with you as to the mods, except I have a them little different. I have the following.

    1. HD Skins (need to add some new ones)
    2. RDD All in One AI Combo (it includes the slow corner fix)
    3. RDD Real Tyres
    4. My Pack Cams for All Cars V2 (I will look into you camera suggestion)
    5. RDD TruLight Weather
    6. F1 2010 Rael RPM Lights

    I also have the RDD Artgear and Daftboy HD Helmets Pack 1.1 but not installed yet. All of this is of course with the patch 1.01 and the RRD SaveFix added also.
  3. has anyone sent these to codemasters so they know what should be the bare minimun for 2011?
  4. Don't think so but someone should XD
  5. Damn straight!

    I believe I have all of those running, apart from the 25% damage mod - I prefer the lighter version that's been posted.


    Using the 25% damage mod, I spun off and hit the wall and 30mph - my wing broke, and both wheels came off as well. Now surely that's a bit excessive for 30mph? Using the other mod, I still get good damage, but not unrealistic levels like that. This other version doesn't reduce your grip either.

    I'm using the RDD Realistic Cam mod, as I like the head movement and dipping when changing gears/braking.
  6. Thats caused by the less grip file, remove it and you wont spinn off @ 30 mph.
    Thats why i dont use that file.

    BTW less grip file = surface materials file in the +25% damage zip file