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Making laps in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kapten_zoom, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. I've made a rallycrosstrack for rbr, and i noticed that some rallycrosstracks can drive many laps! I was wondering how you implement laps? :)
  2. Add the centerline to the track and then edit it manually to make more laps - drag the last blue point to the start (or somewhere - you want to make next go-around) and add new points. You can add as many laps as you want I guess - if you can manage to keep them on the track :)
    Sorry for not the best screenshot, I don't have my mouse connected for a while ;)

    (edit) NOTE: before stretching the centerline - just for testing the track, you can have unlimited laps - place the Start, Finish and End at the same place. Then you can drive the track and it will never end unless you retire. You of course have to attach the driveline first.

    (edit) WARNING: my BTB crashes if I attempt to change positions of these Gates (Start, End, Finish) if there's no Centerline yet.

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  3. Thankyou! Looks like a nice Track you are working on :)
  4. Thanks - it is my early, almost forgotten project of real RallyCross track located in Torun, Poland. I'm going to go back in some time and rebuild the whole thing. Now (in real life) the track is completely changed for new, so I hope it will be a little part of history. It's not far away from my home place, so I'm even going to visit the place, talk to the owners, maybe they'll give me some information, photos etc from the past :) It's a short track, 1100 meters long/usually three laps.
    Here's some website (Polish only, but you can watch some video from the track):
  5. ... and better screenshot, I guess ;)

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