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Make / replace helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by mrshadow, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. How do i make and change an helmet.
    I like to change the Belgium helmet.
  2. check in the download section m8, plenty of options in there,
  3. is it possible to change a helmet in your xbox account ?
    to make one your own or to download one...
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    Mods only apply to the PC version, NOT xbox or PS3.

    Download content is not available, and is likely as the game is licensed by Formula One Administration
  5. Afbeelding1 512.png can anyone make a youtube tutorial please
  6. When i check with texture editor the texture is imported but not viewed in de game.
    Still the original helmet is dispayed.
    What have i done wrong?
    I have a 512 and a 256 version in .png.
    then i load it with TEdit.
  7. help please......
  8. try contacting some of the modders.. maybe they will help you..
  9. MrShadow: I an not a graphical expert but I have made fantasy F1 cars for older sims in our own Braveheart team. I am now creating both a new car, helmet and garage outfit as many others. I guess you have created the Shadow helmet shown ? In the F1 2010 Textures Editor you simply need to Load it, and import it. Does the Editor reports back with a scrren that says "Texture Imported OK" ?
    You can also try out this one:

    I am using both, all according to what is the most easy way. HD files, I use the above PSSG editor.

    cheers peter
  10. PS: If you use daftboys brilliant helmet pack, you will see a longer list of helmets in the F1 2010 path, and you just need to create your helmet, and replace it with one of his, thats what I did. There is a high and low resolution helmet. Both of these are actually high resolution, and same filesize. Save your helmet as one of these, and then just copy the file, as low res also.
  11. When i to the directory in f1 2010 the program shows the helmet.
    But still not in the game...
  12. Then you probably saved it the wrong place. Please remember that your helmet can be saved in different places. Example: Daftboys files are saved in \characters\bespokehelmets\gen_15_tex_high.pssg where gen15_tex_high.pssg is for Mikas helmet.

    Also helmets here: F1 2010\frontend\b_driver_jenson_button.pssg (and other drivers are stored here)
    Pick your driver....

    And here same for Button for example: \F1 2010\cars\mc0\livery_00\textures_high\mc0_tex_high_00.pssg

    My own helmet for example is only visible in Ghostlaps, because I have not yet stored it anywhere but as Mikas in daftboys files. Thats why I see my helmet in these quick races / ghostlaps. Because I still test it and change it.
    Once its ready I need to place in the other folders as well, to see it in GP races.

    Others here in this forum: please correct me if Im wrong ;)

    Cheers Peter
  13. If i rename one of these will this work than??
  14. my file rename to gen_15_tex_high.pssg??
    mc0_tex_high _00.pssg
  15. No rename, you need to either export it to one of those or save it.

    Install daftboys helmet package. Choose one of them and then go thorugh (with an editor) all of his helmets, until you see the one you want to overwrite/save as your own. THAT file is the one you need to save your helmet as.

    1) I have saved my own helmet as gen_15_tex_high.pssg with ATI Compressonator + PSSG editor (see download page)
    2) After that I have simply copied the file as gen_15_tex_low.pssg. As to get good quality for the low res texture as well.

    3) I have also saved my helmet in mc0_tex_high_00.pssg and mc0_tex_low_00.pssg with the F1 201 Texture Editor 0.5:

    Take your HI RES helmet file used above with PSSG editor/Compressonator and (within Paint Shop Pro for example) resize it to 512x512 - save it as mc0_helmet_d.tga.png from F1-2010\cars\mc0\livery_00\textures_high
    and rezize another copy of the helmet as 256x256 that should be saved in F1-2010\cars\mc0\livery_00\textures_low
  16. The reason i advise you to install daftboy is that his helmets are 2048 HD resolution files. So when you modify one of those, (ask him for permission) you know that the quality is as high as possible. You can then as I have mentionend above downscale it to 512x512 and 256x256 for the other file types.

    I have with permission used one of daftboys helmets, and that way created my own. it works. There might be an easier way (?) but this is how I did it.
  17. I've done it.
    At the beginning of a race you get a little review of the grip.
    Now i drive with my own helmet...
    The sheriff was write with his Daftboy sollution ....
    THx man...
  18. how i can save in photoshop dds or pssg please? This type of file is not in options :(
  19. save as PNG
    then start texture editor
    He convert the automatic into pssg or dss
  20. you need the dds plug in for photo shop, nvidia plug ins, save as this

    open file in ryder pssg editor ( import over original file you opened, and then see if its there then SAVE )

    rename the pssg file as the file you want to change and place in f1 directory, i could do a video tutorial if you like ?

    dds plug.PNG

    plug 2.PNG