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Major Crash To Desktop Issue (No error Messages) on Half of Tracks

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by rsmithdrift, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Hi I have the DVD version 1.255 of rFactor and I installed it on my Win XP SP3 machine and everything that came on the disk works great. HOWEVER more than HALF of my user created tracks that I've downloaded just cause an almost instantaneous crash to desktop with no error reports, no lag no nothing just shows the loading screen and then suddenly the desktop appears and the game has closed itself. What's really wierd is that a bunch of the tracks that do work will do this 25% of the time.

    I'm using D1GP and JDM Drift Cars 2.4 mods and have NO problems with the factory tracks and about half the new tracks but the other half are just an utter failure...

    I have checked the source paths to make sure they match the SCN files EXACTLY and they all do.... I just don't get it. WHY??? I even tried switching to DX7 to no avail... It's so frustrating that nothing works.. I have modified nothing in any of the files, just d/l the track, install it, check the directories, select it for testing in the game, it show's the loading screen for about half a second and instantly is back to the desktop for what seems like no reason..

  2. Did u try to put all the graphics to LOW? Maybe it's an issue with your graphics card.
  3. Try to run the game in admin mode. :)
  4. Sounds like you may have installed the tracks incorrectly to me. Have you only recently installed them - have they ever worked for you. Don;'t run in DX7 make sure you are in DX9 as most tracks should work there these days. DX7 was out of date when rF came out anyway.
  5. Update directx through microsoft, and also make sure you allow rFactor to install its own directx stuff; I vaguely remember there being something in there that rFactor needs but is not included in the latest directx 9 update.
  6. How exactly do I do that?? My computer has no administrator and I am the only user and I don't have to log in.... I don't even know how to make that happen since their IS NO administrator... But it's the only thing I havent tried because IDK how nothing else has worked either...
  7. And no I have never gotten them to work but their are a few tracks like Harugahara and Gunsai Togue that will load most of the time but once in a while they fail in the same way also. And sometimes when they fail they wont work again till I restart the computer. Everything is installed PERFECTLY btw
  8. Right-click the .exe (Desktop Icon or whatever you use to load the game) and click "Run as administrator".
  9. Well I finally figured it out... turns out it's the texture detail. Can't be on full or it wont load for some reason at those tracks... odd