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Apparel LS2 Argentina Helmet 2.0

Custom Helmet for Gonuruimo

  1. LS2 Argentina Helmet - Custom Helmet for Gonuruimo

    A request from Gonuruimo - LS2 helmet.

    I'm no master of Photoshop, this is the best I could manage after a couple of attempts. I hope you like it! :thumbsup:


    It'll replace GEN 1, but just renumber it if you want to replace a different helmet.

    Any problems, just let me know!

    - Anthony.

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  2. Good one. Keep it up.
  3. Nice job. :thumbsup:
  4. Thank you, will do! :)
    Thanks a lot Gerald :)
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  5. Excelente rally good job!! im from Argentina. I've looking for this helmet for a long time!! THNKS!
  6. Sorry for the new coment!. I donwlowad but i cant reemplace de original helmet, because the file ends in .dds. and the original file ends in .pssg. if you can help me please!
  7. Thanks for the kind comments! I'm glad you like the helmet!

    To replace the file you either need to open it with Ryder's PSSG editor, and replace the helmet you want. Or, if you give me until tomorrow afternoon (my time) I can upload the PSSG files, all ready for you. I accidentally uploaded the wrong file, and I haven't been at my computer in a while to upload the other files. I'll get it sorted as soon as possible, there's just been a delay at the moment.
  8. LS2 Argentina Helmet - Now with .PSSG files!

    I've corrected the file type in the download, so that those who don't want to use Ryder's .PSSG editor can just drag the files straight into the 'bespokehelmets' folder.

    They will still replace Gen 1, but just change the number if you want to replace a different helmet.

    Thanks for the positive comments, enjoy!

    - Anthony.
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