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Misc LS Lower Cockpit Cams 1.0

Original cockpit camera view but with lower placement.

  1. Large Style submitted a new resource:

    LS Lower Cockpit Cams - Original cockpit camera view but with lower placement.

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  2. Thank You very much for this.
    Appreciate it and cheers to You for doing it in such a short time
    Let the career start
  3. Excellent, thank you.
  4. great mod, i always felt that I was sat on a cushion or something in the cockpit.
  5. good work.thanks. but to see the speedometer at the bottom right of my monitor? I can do but what should I do to change this?
  6. This mod does not change the speedometer / HUD in any way - I just happen to have disabled most of mine within the games' settings as that's how I like it. For you just go into your games settings and enable the HUD elements you want to see.
  7. Edit: Post deleted - wrong thread!