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Lovely f1 wheel mod web site.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by James Robertson, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. James Robertson

    James Robertson


    Thought some of you guys might be interested in these.

    He now makes them so that they can be attached to fanatecs as well as G25`s / G27`s.

    Im not sure how the Fanatec LED menu`s interface with the wheel though.

  2. Just emailed for a price as i want one, ive seen them before but could never find out how much
  3. Very nice, there's a price list on the site, when I saw the price I thought it seemed good but then saw that it's +vat. Does look the part though. Nice find.
  4. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    The Arc wheels have updated motors as well which is why I think you pay the higher price.

    They dont look much like an authentic f1 wheel either.

    That f1 seat from playseat seems massively overpriced also.
  5. they all are exspensive, and i recon id rather spend it on a new gcard, smokes and 24 stubbies of carlton cold....i play better pissed anyway
  6. Prices are on there matey -

    630,00 €


    • Grips options:
      • Alcantara - 20 €
      • Carbon look material - 20 €
    • High quality Knitter pushbutton switches - 150 €
    • Sparco electrical quick release boss - 400 €
    Shipping prices:

    • Regular priority mail - 70 € (7 to 20 days delivery)
    • DHL - 140 € (2 to 4 days delivery)
    Pricey indeed - but even at around 700euro delivered I really want one!!! Way better than the Arc wheel to look at, and I dont think the native g27/25 housing and motors need improving tbh to warrant £1400!

    Like Chris - I could find a lot of things to spend the spare 700 on, starting alphabetically it would be alcohol!
  7. I have ordered one on the 4th of januari 2011. My wheel will be ready to leave Croatia this month. Zelkjo has a lot of work - and delivery problems with some of his suplliers - so delivery time for the moment is up to minimum 2 months. However, I have a very good communication with him, and I surely trust him.