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Sounds Lotus T125 , F1 2014 Audio Mod 1.0

Reworked Audio with Turbo!

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  1. Awesome job and thanks again. Using your McLaren MP4 skin daily and loving the Pirelli tires. The instructions wont open properly...what location do I unzip sound file to?
  2. Hi you open them with Notebook just change the properties ,
    The files go inside the Lotus T125 S1 folder just back up your FSX and just replace the entire thing ,
    I have not drove the standard car and have not tried the audio in that car either :thumbsup:
  3. Been working on 1.1 let me know what you Guy,s think ?

  4. Awesome mod! Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:
  5. I have noticed when allot of cars are in the same area, like at the beginning of a race, i can hear some distortion, maybe the volume of the files are a bit too high?
  6. Couple of thoughts now that I can (finally) get around the track in one piece in this thing:

    The turbo whine is...a little wobbly. When listening to the 2014 cars testing, the turbo is very present but remains pretty steady through the powerband. In the mod, it fluctuates a little, esp in the replay. I'm sure though it's due to this being a preliminary mod, just giving some feedback. :)
  7. Great mod so far! I still think it sounds a bit to loud. If you listen to the V6 video above the car sounds a lot more deep and rough. Other than that, this is awesme!
  8. Cayd

    Podiums: 6 / Race wins: 2

    Nice!! Good job!! :)