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Lotus Exos 125 S1 @ Nürburgring GP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Bram, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The Formula 1 2009 lacks some serious mechanical grip on the default setup.

    Made some quick changes on the bumps and rebounds and the aero to get more connected to the road.

    By no means this is a finished setup, just a first step towards a base to work from.

    How install?
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  2. cheers for that, been waiting for this car to finially dig into AC and setups, have you managed to get the car into 6th yet? seems like it should be only 5 gears as i cant see the car going faster than 321 kph
  3. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I had some fun with this combination and it feels nice...so doing some laps made me in the end make a setup.
    The best i could do was a 1.41.0.. while the real F1 lap time is 1.33...whell close enough hehe.

    Setup :

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  4. Good enough for the unofficial WR as of 2/28/14, 10pm EST.

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  5. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Good lap time there.The setup favors to much downforce with a lower top speed of around 280 km/h.

    From what data i could find from different forums and sites the setup i made is closer to F1 2009 specs but much slower per lap since it has so much less front grip in turn in.
    The top speed is around 300 km/h wich is the top speed listed for Nurburgring.
    I know they got past that with around 15 km/h but the T125 S1 its still not a F1 proper car but a glimps to the power a F1 engine had then in 2009.
    The lack of 7th gear it shows in the spread of the 6 gears that T125 has that feels not fast enough when changing gears.

    This is what i based my setup on:

    "...suspension travel at the wheel is 25mm front and 75mm at the back...."
    "...the best Lift to Drag ratio was achieved at 37.5mm, rather than at the point of maximum Downforce which was at 35mm..."
    "...regarding wing,the results matched pretty well with the hypothesis. Deviations from predictions included the slope of the lift curve for the 15 degree..."
    "...2009 F1 tracks – top speeds
    Venue – Top speed (kph/mph)
    Monza – 351/218
    Istanbul – 315/195
    Interlagos – 314/195
    Suzuka – 313/194
    Spa-Francorchamps – 310/192
    Shanghai – 310/192
    Bahrain – 309/192
    Catalunya – 308/191
    Valencia – 306/190
    Melbourne – 303/188
    Nurburgring – 300/186
    Sepang – 297/184
    Singapore – 297/184
    Silverstone – 294/182
    Hungaroring – 291/180
    Monte-Carlo ?286/177..."
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  6. made some alterations to one of the prev setups, WIP give it a whirl for me car feels good in the corners slow and fast, can push the car without oversteer, think a few more laps and this setup can brake into the 1.39's maybe lower

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  7. 1:46:616 With kunos set up, fine for me but will give yours a try.
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  8. Great setup. Enough for a 1:37.611 round the Nurb placing me 4th on RSR with some time to find. :thumbsup: Quite unstable round the Schumacher S however.
  9. The correct way to fix it is to increase the ride height, as the car generates so much downforce it lowers the car anyways, making it scrape the ground and spin violently in the schumacher S if the ride height is too low.
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  10. exactly, and the suspension travel should be large enough, because when you hit the packer you have no suspension and the car gets very very unstable. thats when you drive with high wings, I think at Monza everything is another story.
  11. With assists, boo :p
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  12. Dave's was good enough to get this newby my best time of 1:45.

    Anyone else try Bram's? It seems like it has some unstable oversteer problems at times, causing you to drift with it. Also, when applying the setup the car makes more noise idling. Is that because of stiffness? If so, that's pretty interesting that they have such a detailed sim that the volume of the car idling is affected by the suspension setup.
  13. done many laps today and learning more about the setups as i go, best so far a 1.40.2, hats off to you guys in the 1.37's not sure hows you getting that :), i think at best atm im looking at a 1.39.5 as i was on a good lap only to blow it last corner, not using any assists apart from clutch,
    seen a drs icon in the electronics tab, no idea how to use that if its possible?
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  14. [​IMG]

    Not sure how long this will last, but here y'all go.

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  15. Thanks everyone for sharing your sets, much appreciated!!!
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  16. I tried i coudn't keep it on the track... went back to what i was doing.
  17. WR is now down to a 1:36.714

    mod-edit: please post videos in the gallery section and use the embed tag to display videos in forum threads please, thanks http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/media/

    The S1 appears to just be an engine swapped Exos T125 and not a full-spec F1 car.

    General setup adjustments still apply. Softer suspension, shorter final drive, a bit more camber, and an appropriate amount of fuel. Be sure to make the ride height slightly higher than you normally would & stick the rear wing in the air as high as you can, as the downforce during high speed sections is enough to suck the car flat to the ground. My initial time spent with the car was spent violently spinning in the Schumacher S because uphill + speed + downforce was enough to completely unsettle the car before you could even comprehend what was going on.

    Driving the car at maximum attack is difficult. With the insane amount of power the S1 has, the top spot in the session will go to who has the balls to get on the throttle the earliest. You also wanna set up the rear suspension to compliment how early you get on the throttle. Braking is very similar to the Codemasters F1 games, you start with almost max brake input and slowly ease off until you get to the apex. On exit, the car will have a tendency to loop itself no matter how stable your setup is, so you want to make a conscious effort to steer out of the corner the moment you step on the throttle.

    And as has been discussed at length over on the official AC forums, the car simply doesn't grip properly if you're driving too slow. Even on your warmup lap, you have to push a reasonable amount to prevent from spinning.
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  18. you dont use the 6. gear, because its slower :p
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