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Career Lotus Exige V6Cup 0.9.1

Carrer, Cup, League, Lotus, Exige, V6Cup, V6

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    Lotus Exige V6Cup - Carrer, Cup, League, Lotus, Exige, V6Cup, V6

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  2. Thanks, looks fun!
  3. I am getting a track loading error with Brands Hatch - sre you using the Kunos one ?
  4. You are right; I made a mess with the configurations ...:whistling:
    Now everything should work. ;)
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  5. Many thanks for fixing that - This is a good fun mod. The only other problem I have had is at Zandvoort where the total number of pit boxes is 18. This makes it difficult if you try starting from the back of a 20 car grid.