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Career Lotus Exige 240R Cup 1.0

Fun series featuring the Lotus Exige 240R S3

  1. Tom Michelmore submitted a new resource:

    Lotus Exige 240R Cup - Fun series featuring the Lotus Exige 240R S3

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  2. once this career is installed do i loose the other one? or will I have the option to choose which career I want to play? original/ferrari / lotus 240 r ?
    thanks for the answer
  3. This add-on doesn't overwrite any other series in AC career mode so you won't lose any other ones. :)

    When you open the career section in AC, this series will be under the 'LEC' icon alongside all the other icons for different events as seen in the picture below.

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  4. thanks!!!
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  5. good idea ;)
  6. Muchas Gracias