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Lorenzo Misano Helmet 2014-09-16

Painted by Request

  1. Fantastic. Don't know how you do this, but it's only :thumbsup:.
    Big thanks again!
  2. how to install?
  3. This doesn't look right :O_o:
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  4. u cant use Lorenzo helmet in career mod cause it is not same helmet shape for original Lorenzo and career helmets
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  5. So, brate Nemanja :) I have to use it only for Lorenzo, not my custom rider?
  6. no! it's like Nemanja said: it's a different helmet shape! this skin only works on the correct shaped helmets, like lorenzo!
  7. Damn, I really wanted it for my career but non of those custom career helmets are HJC :(
  8. Any chance you can make it for Nolan shape helmet? Or Lorenzo's Speed Machine or Green Mamba helmets from Indy 2014 and 2013?
  9. rkh


    GreenMamba06_640x480.jpg Green-mamba-back.jpg green-mamba-hjx-jorge-lorenzo-casco-helmet-2.jpg Lorenzo helmet_Green Mamba_www.championhelmets.com_8.jpg
  10. Yup, that's the one ;) I would make the Mamba my first priority if you can make it, for my career :)
  11. nice haha
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  12. xD

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  13. its been made already ...
  14. You don't say!? He made it after I asked him to :ninja: