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Looks like dedicated servers are a definite NO

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by John Robertson, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I'm saddened. but knowing this now should help me cut down on my video game spending in 2012.
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  2. I guess I won't be buying it any time soon then :)
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  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Sad decision really. Glad they announced it up front though.

    Did not expect this after the recent announcement that the PC game will be available via Steam.
  4. After the fail that is F1 2011, I'm not bothered at all. I am just enjoying rFactor so much right now that this doesn't make a difference!
  5. OmG people no ded servers! Lets stop freaking out. Its all me me me me me me everytime this subject is touched. Deds only work for communities etc (rd) it wont work on a public level. Im glad it doesnt have any ded cuz in the end pings would be hiand low as it is in 2011. People would disconnect from online deds anywyas cuz of pc issues or network issues or game issue. Again whats the gain of ded except for rd and other groups. Im glad i doesnt have ded. Maybe the alien drivers will mobe back to that outdated retardfactor. Just hope is a less glitchyonline gameplY than 2011. Everyone else will buy it, i know i will, and the world or codies wont care if they lost such a small percentage of "ded" fanboys.
    Also most people who complain are either stuck in dial ups or are just racing elitists that cant get over anything. Havin played rfactor im glad 2012 is he way it is cuz seds are only playable as a community race, not global.
  6. Posting from a phone... So my bad in spelling. Gfwl ftw!
  7. I really dont like the way Hood talks to the people who pay his wages.
  8. Dedicated Servers will not improve anything.

    We now have pretty conclusive evidence that what you see on your screen in an online race is just a rough guess from codemasters as to where cars actually are.

    We also know that we now live in a world where you can sell anyone anything in any condition and it's tough luck if you dont' like it.

    The only thing keeping me on this game is the RD F1 league and the community that comes with it, but if 2012 does not work as advertised (the last 2 didn't) I'll be leaving my console and get rfactor2.

    I feel sorry for Steven Hood, and understand the way he talks to his paymasters. Imagine how embarrassing it is for him to be the face of a so far farcical franchise.
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  9. Is called "F1 2012 The Game" not "the sim" (like gt5). Read the title of the product b4 judging it. Il be rfactoring 2 buy not at a competitive level, just as a time killer
  10. You get out of bed the wrong side today Diego?? :)
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  11. Doesn't matter what it is. Peer to peer hosting is plain awful in general. Random playing doesn't live long, and organizing anything is a pain.

    But these are throwaway games anyway, F1 2013 is around the corner, LOL, so not a biggie.
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  12. You are right. We live in the age of yearly updates being released as a whole new game.

    Whatever is wrong or right with F1 2012, we get to forget about it 4 months after release, when they announce 2013.
  13. Not really im inclass as im reading this. Just bothers me why we cant just settle down on the fact tht deds will Never happen, and if they did the. Ded servers are made for is ad a community, bit in a world Wide public level not at all. Ded servers will work on event type races. Our f1 online is not that bad, is just issues withon the game that evryone has a diff experience. If they can get their online polished up then we are happy. Ded servers, not against them, wouldnbe a great option with matchmaking, but u got to look it in their pointnof view. Im sure after a few series they will incorporate ded serber option, but for now is all good.
  14. Im on phone sry for the bad spelling.
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Battlefield 2 is a game as well and at PlayDepartment.com that dedicated server did overtime I can tell you :) Proper hosting has nothing to do with sim or arcade, simcade, accolade, chocolate, marmalade or whatever.

    It provides you to race with a proper field of at least 24 cars and you can rule out cheating and that alone is worth a good host.
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  16. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Bram is right, the server type doesn't matter if the netcode has been implemented properly and the game is actually great.

    Keep in mind, it could be worse. FIFA '11 on Xbox was pretty much the worst case...EVER.

    A single player disconnecting in Virtual Pro mode (up to 22 players in a single match, each controlling their own player) caused the whole room to crash. Then again, if someone crashed during the loading screen the game assigned random characters to each player but kept their position. Goalkeeping wasn't much fun with a character set to score goals.

    At least that won't happen in F1 2012...hopefully. :)
  17. I'm pretty much convinced that dedicated servers would stop 2 things:
    -people losing connection during loading Q or R
    -people that lag/warp to some but not to others. Codies use some sort of system where you upload to multiple users at the same time. This causes trouble with people who have very limited upload speed.

    Codies seem convinced that they do it the smart way. I'm curious if dedicated servers are somewhere on their roadmap, or that they are that convinced of what they're doing that they never want to implement dedicated servers.
  18. Never seen any lag in iracing or rf2....evo pretty good as well, in fact all PC sims are fine, but ALL my multiplatform p2p have one MP problem after another, so under no circumstance will I buy this for MP.
  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    There is a solution for the lack of dedicated server support. rFactor 2 just released a Formula 1 car in their latest build here

    Hope CM will see how cool those races will be on the pc and realize what they miss :(
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  20. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I doubt they'll do. RF2 is something everyone should try out (they're offering refunds, shouldn't the game be to your liking) and RF1 + F1 1994 mod is something nobody should miss out on, too. :)