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Looking for RD members to race with in iRacing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by brooptss, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Hi guys. I'm an AC/RF2/GSCE racer, but starting with iRacing.
    I'm looking for some gents to organise some fun racing with on iRacing. Really impressed with the game lately, as frustrating as the content fees are.

    Is there anything like that happening here?

    I'm limited rank
    R 2.50---
    D 2.49621

    but I have various custom cars and tracks


    @Chark @Tobias Röhner : you guys drive iRacing right? Wonder if u know.
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  2. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Where are you located? And what are you interested in? I do mainly the GT cars and was doing the F1 car in a small league.
  3. I'm in South Africa, EU timezone. Also interested in GT cars and F1, but got a long way to rank. Seems there's not much activity on RD for iRacing, understandable.
  4. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Hey man, I'm same as James, though he's higher ranked than me:

    I'm GT1, GT3 (RUF 12 Track and Audi R8 LMS) and soon (April bound) open wheel based (FR 2.0 and Star Mazda) + MX-5 Cup based.

    Class C Road: 2.32
    Rookie Class Oval: 2.50 ( I just do the Dallara Dash for fun)

    and he's in the UK @James Nance
  5. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Gotcha. Yeah we did do Sunday meets in the GT3 cars but after a while people stopped showing up and for me it wasn't becoming worth it, as I work nights and try to sleep when I come home in the morning. I race the GT1 Aston Martin and in the Blancpain Spring I use the BMW Z4 or Audi R8. We dont have to race but Im always willing to meet in practices to share setups and work together. Theres a nice F1 league that races Tuesday nights EU time, they use fixed setups, so its easy to hop in and go. Id like to learn a learn something on the Renault but I suck at making sets with cars that have those type of car settings(Aero, ride heights, etc.)
  6. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    I just recently broke down out of curiosity and got a 1 year subscription at 50% off.So far i have only driven the MX5 @ Limerock.I like how it drives,quite a lot of fun.For you guys in US time zone there will be fun races starting up soon at CMS if your looking for races to enter.
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  7. If you have a ranking for road D=2.49621 is best to enter for a series of races Cadillac Cup.
    This series has many players with different skill levels.
    For me, for the time zone eu best races are on Sunday and Monday at 20.30 gathering a lot of drivers.
    See you on the track.
    (Not this week - it is Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, and I have a break from racing)

    location CEE Club - Poland
  8. If anyone wants IndyCar practice or just to talk to about it, you can always find me. :)

    I'll be racing IndyCar, FR2.0, and planning to run a bit of Audi on the road side, and IndyCar and Sprint Cars (hopefully later in the season given how it barely goes official) on the oval side.
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  9. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Id like to run Indycar but I suck with there setups and same for the FR2.0 but most of my time is spent for this GT1 league and when I feel like it GT3.
  10. Hey, i started iRacing two weeks ago and im racing now Skip Barber and Star Mazda series. There are lots of good shared settings in iRacing foorum for both. If you have been racing in AC, its relatively easy to start racing in these series. You just need to have D license for Skip Barber and C for Star Mazda.
    Planning to move Indycars and hopefully F1 later on..
    Road Class C 3.66
    Oval Totally rookie
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  11. D0K


    I'm part of a large racing community that races GT3 on Friday nights. They also run what they call practice pals sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays where someone will host a server and they'll practice that weeks race. I believe they're currently running the Blancpain Sprint series. I cannot however race on Friday's as work and other obligations don't allow it.

    Whats nice about their practice pals sessions is they practice together, racing closely and developing their race craft. Not just running hot laps like you might see in a public iRacing practice session.

    A buddy of mine and I have been running the Lotus 79 on our own server and are working on getting a league of our own going for Monday evenings/afternoons as Monday's are pretty much my only availability. The league is open wheel. We'd be starting with the Lotus 79 afterwhich we'd run another open wheel car after the series. I'm also considering only running a mini series as I think it may be easier for people to commit to a 5 or 6 week stint instead of a full series.

    If you're interested in running in the Blancpain Sprint Series league and or would like to join in for some open wheel fun, pm me and I'll provide you with the details.


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  12. Thanks for mentioning this, James.

    In the recent past I was running some hosted GT3 sessions but participation was very low. We had a good time, don't get me wrong, but there just wasn't enough of us.

    Presently I am really enjoying the Formula Renault official series. I jump in to official sessions any time I get the chance. I regularly run the Tuesday 10:45 pm (EST) race with some friends over at Gone Broke Racing. Last night 6 of us ran together. I believe the session split at least once so 3 of us ended up in the same session and the other 3 guys ended up in the other session. We were all able to communicate using the GBR TS server so it was a very fun experience. If any of you guys can make that session next week then send me a PM and we can get in touch. I can introduce you guys to the fellas at GBR (some of whom are RD members and are in here regularly) and we can run that event together. We are a friendly bunch of guys who are more than happy to share set ups and some good laughs as well.
  13. Magic43

    "Drive it, like you stole it."

    I race iRacing as well but i'm an ovalguy :cool: Race all nascarseries like Spirnt Cars, Trucks and Xfinity. Did still not many GT or Open Wheeler races but i've a Ford GT GT3, Corvette C6 GT1 and the free content cars of course.

    Oval Class A
    Road Class D

    Cheers Magic43


    "Never let a crash damp your enthusiasm. Heck we all have days like that!"
    (Richard Petty)
  14. kamackeris


    Just started Iracing... Got the skip barber at min. My name on Iracing is Paul Fenwick2
  15. back racing again after a bit of a gap. looking for people to race with for fun rather than (as sometimes happens in the official) see it as a matter of life or death.
  16. hi keith. you will find me in the new renault 2.0 and the blancpain sprint, struggling in the last or second to last grid. any good company appreciated, but you'll probbaly be gridded higher :) just doing one event each each week, so will be difficult to find me ...
  17. There used to be a group of RD iracers doing the MX5 on a Sunday night. If there was enough interest and a firm weekly time it might catch on. Wouldn't necessarily have to be the same car every week but if it was a fixed set it might encourage people to join.
    I used to race RF F1 1992 on a sunday with RD guys a few years ago and it was popular so you made time for it. However, it changed to GP2 which was not as popular and all faded away so I joined IRacing to get regular racing.

    If we could get 20 guys agree a time we could get something going with hosted races for a one day a week meeting.
  18. I'm interested. I have a lot of experience with RD Racing Clubs and F1 league driving, but no experience with iRacing races yet.

    I just returned back to iRacing and found it's new tyre model which I never tested before. Earlier iRacing was very similar with NetCar (too slippery, no grip) but now iRacing is in it's own level, it's perfect but maybe a little bit too easy, hmm, maybe i'm just so good.

    Okay I did about 3 Nords Tourist laps with FW31, best lap 5.20. So i'm about half minute behind top drivers, it takes about 1 second per kilometer. That's not bad as i can drive more faster, I just need more experience with this sim. Top drivers drive very aggressive way, see example Jari Lohtari's 4.50 lap

    I believe I can do the same with this little bit more agressive style :)

    BTW, maybe Assetto Corsa is better than this because it's way much difficult to drive without real grip, anyway I needed more space for iRacing so I uninstalled AC again :(
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