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Looking for PRO team to get involved

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by AVM, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. AVM


    Have started trying out rf2 and really enjoying it. Will be trying to improve enough to race in pro series. But will need some help.

    Is anyone looking for team members?
    am able to assist where I can. And have some fun doing it.
    From Australia so would be good to team up with other Aussies for timing, but would be keen to join any team really.

    Let me know

    Aaron mchugh
  2. Hey Aaron. You could set some times on official FSR Server to show, what you already can do. It could increase the chances to find a team :) Wish you good luck at starting in FSR.
  3. AVM


    Thanks George
    I got on the server yesterday for quite a few laps. A fair way off the fastest drivers of course.
    I will get to the server when I can for some practice and hopefully tips from the experienced folk!
    Thanks mate
  4. Hey Aaron, we have a seat available at ZERO Sim Racing Orange, add me on skype at will.barnes99 and we can discuss possible options :)