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Looking For New Pedals And Wheel (Possibly)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mitch Ryan, May 11, 2013.

  1. Right now I am in the market for new pedals as my G27 set finally died on me and are long out of warranty. I am looking towards Fanatecs CSR ELITE PEDALS at 149.9 Euro or CLUBSPORT PEDALS V2 at 249.95 Euro

    Are the V2's really worth the extra cash? Would they team up well with a Thrustmaster T500 RS which would be bought towards the end of the year?

    Just how good is the load cell for braking? My old G27 pedals were !"£$ to put it bluntly and I swear I lost .2 of a second on every corner while needing to brake exta early to avoid lockups when trying to brake in the right place.

    Is the Thrustmaster T500 better than Fanatecs best wheel bearing in mind Fanatec do have a few more shifters than Thrustmaster?

    My G27 wheel and shifter still work so the main priority for me is getting new pedals as without them, no sim racing.
  2. The load cell braking is amazing compared to the simple potentiometer pedals. I used to use a G25 but more recently have gone to a Fanatec GT3RS v2 and CSR Elite Pedals. I can't comment on the difference between the CSR Elite pedals and the Clubsport Pedals v2 as I've only tried the former, however I can say that it's in a completely different league to the G25/G27 pedals.

    About the wheels, I can't really comment because I've only got the GT3RS v2 and you're looking at that higher price range. Bear in mind that if you're going to use your wheel on a console you'll need a Fanatec wheel to use the pedals. However, if you aren't going to use a console then this does't apply to you.

    On to shifters: I have the CSR shifters and they're honestly a bit plastic. They have more resistance than the G25 shifter, IDK about the comparison to the G27 shifter because I haven't tried one. So at the moment, the shifters are not great at Fanatec. However, they have the new Clubsport Shifter coming out soon (supposedly, or at least they've been the main topic on Thomas's blog at 911wheel.de recently) which should take the fight straight to Thrustmaster's TH8RS. The only thing is that Fanatec are not going to make it stand-alone (it will only work with Fanatec wheels like the current shifter) and in order to use all 8 gears (7 + Reverse) you will need a Clubsport Wheel. All of Fanatec's wheels will detect it as a 7-speed (6 + Reverse) shifter. Thomas did hint on his blog that 'maybe someone will come up with an adapter', but there's certainly nothing official (well, not yet at least). So one advantage that Thrustmaster's TH8RS will have is being stand alone. However, the CSS has advantages too, such as it is much easier to switch to sequential mode (just flick a switch). But, back to the consoles (if it applies to you), you will need a T500RS to use the TH8RS on the PS3. I haven't tried either shifter so all I'm talking about is what I've read/heard.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Lots of good info there for me. I should have said that I only race on a pc and haven't owned a console since the late 80's (Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis).

    I am leaning towards the V2's after watching a some reviews on Youtube because they seem more robust. However, I really want that T500 RS wheel and you can't buy it seperately without fhe pedals. It seems an excessive waste to spend £400 on a wheel and pedals set when I only want the wheel. It you are reading Thrustmaster reps, why not sell the wheel for around £250 and the pedals for £150 (same price as the CSR Elites)?

    Realy liking the look of the TH8 RS shifter even though it's not a quick flick of a switch to go from H-box to sequential mode. This doesn't bother me because I tend to stick with one mode of shifting for a few weeks at a time. I also have looked around and see some throw plate mods are available (but not from Thrustmaster) which is nice when I drive the older cars with 4 forward + reverse gears. I think I could always find someone to make me a few with different paterns for when I want to swap things around.

    LOL, I see the ClubSport Pedals V2 are out of stock at the moment and are not due again until 6th June. Oh well, no sim racing for a few weeks for me.
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  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. At the begining of the year I started to think about the CLUBSPORT PEDALS V2 but as the G27 pedals were still somewhat usable, spent the cash on a few pc upgrades indead. I am deadset on the Fanatec pedals even though the need is not great. I dug out my old Momo wheel and found the pedals connected to the G27 and are useable. I drove a few laps around Monza in Race 07 and saw my laps times were on average FASTER than when using the G27 pedals.

    I'll get the CLUBSPORT PEDALS V2 when they are available again and wait until later in the year, possibly next year to see what Thrustmaster are doing before making a decision on the wheel.