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Looking for a place to run in 2012.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Matheus Maia, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi, My name is Matheus Maia, I'm a Simdriver since 2006, I drive in rFactor and I got some wins in some Brazilians Leagues. I love Formula 1 and IndyCar but I hate GT's. I would like drive with you and I'm looking for teams who need a driver. My English is not fluent, but I can learn with time. Thank you.

    Some of my victories.
    Indy Lights Pocono. http://www.racebrasil.com.br/noticia.php?id=288
    Indy Lights Vancouver. http://www.racebrasil.com.br/noticia.php?id=329
  2. I missedthetitle, sorry. The correct title would be : Looking for a place to run in 2012
  3. Edited :)
  4. Thank you.
  5. Please, use normal font size :)
  6. Ok, sorry.
  7. Hi,.
    So guys, I'll be available to test for any team next week. Anyone interested in having my work in 2012 just call me anytime I'll be available. Thank you all.

    Ps: I auditioned for the Silverline and am awaiting a response.
  8. may i ask what car you used? was this in rf1 or rf2? for the test.
  9. rFactor 1, mod 2011.
  10. ok cheers, i may download it and give it a test myself.
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  11. I do not understand, you are offering me a test?
  12. nono, i would like to test the mod out myself and get familiar with it, i may be looking for a seat next season with a team.
  13. Now I understand.