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Looking for a good Modmaker

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by romson90, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Looking for a good Modmaker to create fantasy team.

    Fantasy Team of Lamborghini or Bugatti should be nice. My abilities are insuficient, to do that. Is anybody guy who can create this team?? It can be modifier of Sauber of LRGP. The drivers? hmm let me see I would like to see Ben Collins (The Stig) in F1 car and the big one who is unable to race at the moment - Rober Kubica. Is anybody who will accept the challenge
  2. Hi Romson
    I am not able to offer my time to you, but I will soon release our fantasy Braveheart F1 team. I can assure you its a great deal of work. But if you look at all the mods available, all the cars, and editors you can go very far on the learning track on your own.
    I have replaced not only the car, but garage, racecrew, pitcrew, sponsors, truck, paddock, brakeboard, interior, got help from Venom for the steering wheel, I have changed the helmets, driving suits, etc etc. All in HD templates where these where available.

    What I have done: Find something you want to change, start with the car for example. Find a HD car, ask the guy who did it, for permission to usage on your own, and explain you want a fantasy team. Begin with that, and explore the .tga files.
    It sounds easy but its only easy, if one are familiar with the files, graphics etc. I am by no meaning a professional, but I can do some very descent jobs if I may say that myself. :cool: I am sure other people can also. I you ar enot familiar with Photoshop (neither am I) then use Paint Sop Pro, and The Compressonator to change the files. There are very good guide in thi ssection.

    Its all worth the hard work because it looks absolute awesome... :) when you sit in a car, where almost anything around is changed in the colors etc. It creates a whole different atmosphere in the game.

    Go ahead on the learning track, I am free for tips on the way as i am sure many others are as well.
    If you like you can see some of my work at www.romers.dk which are soon to be released.
    I have made it for ourselves, but if anyone can get inspiration from it, thats the whole point as I got my inspiration from guys doing the real F1 team carsets in here, as well as fantasy car sets in the past.

    i did my first carset back in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Did not touch the simracing scene for 8 years, but its still .tga files to be changed. Its still a template with car parts. Its just looking 200 hundred times better today ;-)
  3. Is any program to preview your texture change without starting game? I loose much time to looking on effects and search mistakes
  4. Not to my knowledge, but would certainly like to know if there is.... you are right it take sa lot of time to check changes and updates, and looking for errors.
    I have found out however that you can actually have your game open in the main window, and still work on your .tga files, and The Compresonator (as I use) and the Ryder Editor. I can edit them, convert to DDS and import them to the game, while its still running.
    Furthermore I have experinced no errors what so ever, and never even a glitch, so the files are open and not locked by the game.
    Only thing that you should not look for cnages and errors is the AI car, as changes are only visible to your own car. Changes to AI are visible after game restart. But thats not nessecary with driver graphical files.
    We have tested my files on 3 different setups, no problems.

    A tipin shortening time for, is to find a colorcheme thats fits you, and then begin afterwards with logos and all the rest.