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Tracks Longford 67 new AI Fastlane 2016-10-01

Longford 67

  1. gazman submitted a new resource:

    Longford 67 new AI Fastlane - Longford 67

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    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
  2. Yesss!
    I've been waiting for this. Thank you. I love the Longford track but never used it cos the AI crashed too much.
  3. I've been trying it out using the Shelby S/C. It worked fine for the first few races and laps, but now there are crashes (on the bridge and the bends before the bridge) almost every time.
  4. the "S"bend under the bridge is a hard one. I kept the AI line near the centre of the road as much as I could while still keeping some sort of race line. If AI cars go into there 2 wide there will be a crash due to the road being so narrow. The wide Ai racing line carries on from there a few turns to the next bridge. After the bridge the road straightens and the AI get back on correct racing line again.

    AC AI don't ridgidly stay to the fast lane and have some variation built in. When making a new AC fast lane you can't record an aggressive racing line. The AI race line variation can be a meter or more and therefore can cut the corner to much on the apex or run wide off the track on the corner exit if you record a fast lane using all the road.

    If you just restart the race the AI will take the same lines over and over again . You're best off quitting and reloading the race.
    Usually if the grid make it 1st lap the race should be good till the end. I only race here with under 12 cars because of this.

    The only tip I have is to let the field in front settle off the start to a single line or near enough and don't push to pass the AI before the S bend on the first lap . After that the field should spread a little and not be bunched up in that spot on the 2nd and subsequent laps around.

    If the braking distance on the Shelby Cobra is not as good as the car I used the Cobra may not be braking early enough to slow down and make the S bend cleanly. I will try the Cobra out later today and see what happens.
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  5. no luck with the Cobra . Even with it's big rubber tyres the chassis is overpowered by the engine so it can't turn while accelerating. I won't even bother trying to make a fast lane with it for Longford because the AI isn't smart enough to drive it here.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  6. OK. Thanks for the replies. It's good to read that other cars work fine there. The Cobra is indeed a bit of a handful.
    Which cars have you been using on Longford? And what types of cars do you think will work fine there?
  7. LilSki


    Just wanted to note that it does not matter what car you record the line with. The corner braking, acceleration, radius, and camber is all calculated on the fly for each car. The AI line does not store braking and acceleration points at all.

    So on top of that you could maybe try to use the AI hints function to slow them down a bit in the highly technical areas. There are other tricks you can use but you have to edit the line in the editor which is a nightmare.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
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