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Logitech momo

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Gommaliscia, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. I installed f1 2015 with surprise I discovered that the steering wheel logitech momo force (the red "is not recognized by the game, although recognized by many games

    I saw the list published on the forum that is not included in the official list

    it is possible to use it by using the software profile or with some setting ?

    the game is purchased on platoform steam

  2. Yes you can still use the red MOMO. That is what I'm still using and I get full functionality.
  3. good news, you can indicate what should I do?
  4. I use the Logitech Profiler with global settings at 100% 55% 55% 55%, I have centering spring checked and also "allow game to adjust settings".

    Within the game, I setup a custom profile with the wheel then I set the advanced options as follows:

    Steering Deadzone: 3%
    Linearity: 50
    Saturation: 0
    Throttle Deadzone: 10
    Linearity: 0
    Brake Deadzone: 2
    Linearity: 0

    Obviously adjust settings to your liking. 55% gives a fairly light steering wheel without a lot of force feedback so you can adjust it to higher if needed. I find a linearity of 50 in game to be the best for our wheel since it doesn't get 360 rotation.
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  5. your suggestions are very valuable, with the profiler can not I play f1 2015 game I bought on Steam platform

    I create a new profile for f12015 with the path D: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2015 \ F1_2015.exe, the game does not start !!

    is the first time I buy on steam thing wrong?

    thanks for your help
  6. The profiler should be running in windows by itself. You don't need to launch the game from the profiler. Just set the global settings to what you prefer then leave the profiler running. You will need to start the game from within steam, then go and setup up your wheel in-game. You will always get the warning message in the game that the wheel is not supported but I haven't had any issues.
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  7. wonderful I can finally play !!
    I have a problem with the FF works in contacts (walls) do not feel it curbs
    the game is set at 100%
    I can change anything else?

    thank you
  8. yes, try going into the logitech profiler, global settings and increasing either overall strength or spring or damper strength. I would first try the spring strength and if that doesn't work try the other two. I know the overall strength will increase all the FF feelings.

    Glad to see it's working for you :)