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Logitech MOMO settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Patricio Quevedo, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Dear freinds,
    Can someone let me know good settings for this wheel,

    I feel like the car drives over ice.... very slippery,

    sorry for my English,

  2. You are not the only one bro. I slide too in the places where you are supposed to fly by. The more grip the track gets over the weekend the better I've noticed.
  3. Diego, sos Argentino? tengo un conocido con tu mismo nombre,
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    English only on the forum here please. There are forums accessible from the main forum page for non-English discussion, or you can PM eachother.
  5. i have a momo, and here are my settings, i dont know if they will help you/you will like them:


  6. Logitech Momo wheel settings

    F1 2011 differs from F1 2010. The settings i used in 2010 is totally unplayable in 2011. Anyone with settings that are playable? Been messing around for 2 hours but still uncomfortable.
  7. In advanced wheel settings set everything to 0, maybe steering dead-zone 2%. And there you go...This year the feel of the car with the MOMO is amazing.
  8. the wheel is unplayable for me at 0%. i need to turn at least an inch to register the slightest movement.
  9. I really need to get soms good setup for the Momo Force as well, the settings from 2010 do'nt work at all :(
  10. like slavko wrote, I use 0% everywhere (deadzone to) and works fine, but it takes some time to get use to it, and yes if you want it to lets say be 1:1 with your momo, you should have it on 0%, this year you need to turn more (like in real life), or just go up with steering saturation..

    In logitech profiler, FFB all to 100, except centering spring, that I have on 25 and checked alow game to adjust

    in game FFB, rumble 70, FFB 30/40 and wheel weight 10. try it :)
  11. Mine is very similar to this one. I will test yours. Thanks.
  12. How old is your wheel? Try to reinstall the drivers, set everything to default settings in the profiler. If that doesn't help maybe is time for contact spray directly in the sensor of the wheel. It is normal dust to come into the sensor so it will be unplayable. I had similar problem with my old wheel. The guy in the shop said that it is unrepairable :). The service (with my own hands) cost me funny 2 euros - for the spray. :)

    The feel of the car is totally different in this game. You will need time to get used to it
  13. where does it save my wheel settings for the MOMO force - cnnot find it in action folder.

  14. i placed the advanced settings all on 0%.
    works better
  15. Hey guys don't panic, in the main controls screen there is a choice which sould be on "steering wheel" Otherwise the wheel doesn't turn at high speeds.... It's the last choice to the bottom...I also have everything to 0% and its great! The perfect wheel for this game
  16. could you pass your whole settings, in the game and in the profiler?
  17. I play without Force feedback (off) and settings are like this ; (from high to bottom)

    I use TC,I tried to play without traction control,but it was impossible. :)
  18. I have the older Red Momo..
    and i also use the G25/G27 driver with this wheel..
    profiler setup 100% force... 0% on all the rest..
    in game..
    0% deadzone
    10% saturation
    0% linearity
    FFB 40%
    100% FB
    50% efects

    Throttle 0% DZ
    0% linearity
    Brake 0% DZ
    20% linearity


    as for the saved file for button config.. it is not in the game files that i can find.
    i thing the xlive controls these saves, and are encrypted in the Documents/My Games/FormulaOne2011 folder Win7 / Vista 64
    i really would like to get into this saved file to add look left and look right to my axis.. since my Momo does not show in the game.
  19. my momo is setup this way ... 0-43-100-0-0-0-0 (i know its nuts but works for me ... almost every track top10 in TT) /// FF in game off just letting around 20% from logitech profiler to feel someting
  20. I tried a lot of settings and now I'm very confortable with this.

    1. Download "Logitech MOMO Custom Profile Mod v1.0" and replace "Logitech MOMO Racing USB NEW.xml". It has a new Button Mapping (you can change it later) and most important, it has new standards for dead zone (1%) and saturation (20%).

    2. Open Logitech Profiler and apply this settings (in "global configuration"):
    - 100%
    - 0%
    - 0%
    - off (center) and 0%
    - off (pedals)
    - on (adjust configuration in game)

    3. Start the game. You can do it from Logitech Profiler or not.

    4. In-game settings
    - Steer deadzone: 1%
    - Steer saturation: 10%
    - Steer linearity: 5%
    - Acceleration and brake: 0% both deadzone and saturation
    - Force Feedback: 10%, 10% and 0%
    - Button mapping: as you wish.

    It's not perfect but for me it's the best configuration I found.

    My wheel is about 6 years old.