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Logitech Momo Racing Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ferrari248F1, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hey all its me again lol...well i decided to post a new thread to get some opinions on this wheel(logitech momo racing) i recently purchased one to replace my Driving Force Pro(it broke:() im still getting used to it but the DFP feels much better in sense of FFB the momo has very little weight for force feedback and with the DFP i could feel a spin coming this one i can't. Im not complaining though since i got this for 30USD brand new so hey its a bargain. All i need is your guy's opinion (say if u owned one and upgraded to a better wheel)(any other opinions are still welcome) thanks
  2. I have been racing with a Logitech Momo since GP4, but changed recently to G27 because I ordered a steering wheel handmade by Zeljko Roso (easily mounted on a G25 or G27).

    The Momo wheel is a very good wheel and taking my G27 in consideration it has the same feeling. I even find the steering wheel of a Momo better because it has a smaller diameter and the push-buttons on the weel aren't that close to each other.

    You made a good choise!
  3. How does that bespoke wheel perform with the game?
  4. All button's and rotary switches can be programmed. You can program them by using the setup from F1 2010 and you can program keyboard buttons (enter, esc, F1-F12, ...). The leds are controlled by free software. For the moment you have for F1 2010 speed, time, and the color bar for rpm/switching gear. The software is almost weakly updated to add other features: gap, sector times, ... For rfactor you a full support, as for other racing games. Visit softwaredevelopper for more: http://www.eksimracing.com/
  5. Holy shamoly! I want one of those Roso wheels! Anybody lend me £650 euro?

    When they say 'handmade' and 'diy' - presumably its not a garden shed job!

  6. I am using one, the black one. And I'm lovin' it.

    Have you tried tuning it via the profiler? Or in the in game settings? I actually made the wheel lighter and the feedback less strong than the default settings. And I can actually feel if my car is sliding.

    Maybe you wanna share your current settings on the profiler and the game?
  7. WOW your so lucky I envy you, YOU made a good choice :D I wish i had a wheel like that with F1 Style Steering Wheel thumbs up:p
  8. Im using the black one too. In the profiler i have
    Overall Effects Strength: 150%
    Spring Effects Strength : 150%
    Damper Effects Strength : 150%

    Centering Spring in Force Feedback games is checked off
    Centering Spring Strength: 100%

    Combined Pedals: off

    Allow Game to adjust settings: is checked to on

    For the game: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x105/FerrariEnzoF1/Untitled-4.jpg
    Force Feedback in the game:
    Environmental effects:50%
    Feedback Strength: 100%
    Wheel Weight:50%

    Almost forgot since you currently use ur Momo Wheel for how long have u had it and are the paddle shifters durable??
  9. I've had this for about three months. My first Momo's FFB went kaput during Spa, so I swapped it for a new one, works fine now. Paddle shifters, I don't foresee them going bad.. Oh, about paddle shifters, they're not as lightning quick as I thought it might be. Same for you? I mean I've never driven a F1 car so I don't know how quick it changes, or even a car with a dual clutch, so to speak. Lol.

    I'm using Windows XP, my centering spring is on, strength is 50% or 75%, can't remember. On the profiler overall effects strength is 75%, the rest 50%.

    In game, environment 30%, feedback 50%, wheel weight 50%. These are my settings to make it "less strong" on the feedback.

    I'm not sure if your FFB is spoilt, cause at 150%, I really can't imagine man.. I used to do 100%...
  10. Well i dunno maybe ur right that my FFB is probably bad but maybe its because i have the allow game to adjust settings on? IDK but yea at first while i was getting used to it Downshifts took longer than the DFP but now I don't know i sorta got used to it and now i can downshift pretty quick from say 7th to 2nd thus my worries for the Paddles :) lol.
  11. Ive been dicking around with my ff settings and i must say, what feels weird to start with does become more natural after a lot of laps. Initially i started with fairly low settings, but i notice a fair few front runners use 100% on all of them, ive done the same. To start with it was crazy, but now it feels more natural.

    Cant say i can 'feel the car letting go' with anything i try, but currently im happy with 100% on all three settings plus how i have the settings in win7.