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Logitech Momo Racing Wheel

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by raikkonen_hrvatska, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Hello to all!
    I just want to ask one question...
    Does anyone have logitech momo racing wheel?
    Can someone post a picture or show that the values I enter for the Logitech Momo racing wheel in rfactor. I have Windows x64 7 and just put the drivers for that system but it does not since I had win xp x32. Thank you in advance if someone writes the exact values in rfactor wheel.
  2. I'm always racing with momo black, happy to send you my settings. Let me plz know if you're still interested. However me still with xp.
  3. i also have the black momo. in rfactor, ffb type: wheel; FFB effects: full and for the ffb strength, use -100% if you're not using realfeel and 100% otherwise. but there are times, in some cars that even if you are using realfeel you should put in -100% otherwise little movement to the steering wheel would cause it to veer all the way to the direction you are steering.
    without realfeel and using 100% the steering wheel would veer to lock when applying little steering input. i think this is only true for logitech wheels.
  4. what are yours values in logitech profiler?
    I am really getting annoyed!
    I went crazy with a steering wheel do not want to hold center but still pulls in the corners.
    What should I do?
    Do I have to delete the reall feell?
  5. I never use FF and Real Feel also NOT !

    These are my settings:

    Controller 1 and 2 same settings.

    I hope it works for you, good luck .

    rates.jpg controller1and2.jpg
  6. yeah this is something wat i was looking for...thanks!
  7. Give me feedback plz when it is working ok ?
  8. working, now when ff is turned off there s no more siruation when wheell goes to left or right.
    but with ff of i cant feel when car goes sliding and oversteer.
    but thanks man!
  9. Roland


    Are you still driving with FFB off??
    I installed rfactor on Windows 7 64-bit only yesterday, and initially had the same problem, my steering wheel pulling to the right or left and not holding center. But as Jaireh Pahalla in post#3 already mentioned, for me this was easily solved by going to the FORCE FEEDBACK TAB, pulling the FFB STRENGTH slider all the way to the left, from +100% to -100%. Now all cars run in a straight line like on rails :).

    BTW I have not (yet) tried the realfeel plugin. Nor did i make any special settings in Logitech Profiler for this game.

    If you haven't done so already, maybe you could try this; i hope it helps you. Noone should have to play this game with FFB disabled..

    EDIT: And indeed i do too have the good old Logitech MOMO black wheel.
  10. Little OT, but I never did use ffb again after "the accident".
    I think it was somewhere in 2001 with my momo black.
    Maybe I did set the ffb strenght a little too high, anyhow at the first corner at some track, to the left it was,
    I still remember that moment very well, I did steer to the left and rotated also my whole desk with all on it...
    It's a very solid desk approx. 1.80 x 82 cm some 40 kilo's in weight, maybe more but very solid.

    In a spilt second all hardware wich was on the desk flew to the left and on the ground:
    monitor, steer, keyboard, speakers, television, some 100 cd's, joystick, telephone
    amplifier, tuner, cup of coffee and I'm sure I forget a lot. All on the floor, great mess.

    After that moment I never used ffb again ;)

    Red was nice too, but had weak pedals (springs). Black better but also just as red, spiking problems, I repaired it several times.

    Happy FFB :)
  11. Roland


    ONTOPIC: Raikkonen_Hrvatska, i want to add that i have installed Profiler version 5.10, 64-bit, available for download at the Logitech website here , not the 5.02 version available at the Wingmanteam website.

    OFFTOPIC: Andre, you must be a very strong man :wink::wink: and you had an excellent quality wheel if it didn't break in that crash! You wouldn't happen to have a picture of it??:redface:
    I remember waaaay back in the Grand Prix 2 days i once destroyed a 15"CRT monitor in a violent steering manoeuvre when i had one of them digital edge wheels where your screen was on top of the wheel base plate (remember those? wish i still had it today:frown:):
    No spiking on my MOMO yet, i bought it brand new only last year; i did do the sqashball-mod-thingy for better brake pedal feel..
  12. Hmm, I did found that when installing the profiler software it can solve some issues. Like calibration because without it seems to be not possible.
    So what I do is installing the Profiler software, you must connect the adapter (to 230 V) for ffb. Then I install and follow all steps.
    When installed I remove adapter 230V, disable ffb and all goes fine, well maybe I forgot some steps, but works always.

    Yes sir, Offtopic fun too, GP2 I did too. And before that , with CBM 64 I build/created my own steer and pedals. Just from wood and some dipswitches, worked perfect untill I used thorttle and brakes at the same time, blew my cbm port cost me 125 gulden then to repair ;)

    I'm now with my 3th momo, 1 red, 2 blacks. Did tried g25 andf g27 both ****, send them back to logitech.

    About spiking, it will happen m8, just a matter of time, but I found a solution for it. When you are suddenly slower then your friends check the settings/controls and you will see that full throttle is not full throttle anymore;)
  13. I have Momo also and it behaves very weird with RealFeel.. Without RF it has got rubbery feeling, can't get any input from the road.With RF the wheel has sudden jerks, kerbs don't affect at all in some cars. I have tried to search for help but this whole game is very very confusing. Also the sound is weird.. I can hear my wheels spinning way after i can see them locking up and it doesn't give any hint when you are about to lose grip.

    This is my 10th install and every time after two hours of testing i feel like punching repeatedly my screen...And i got my first LCD so that's not anymore an option. ;) CRT:s have at least that going for them: you break your fist before the screen cracks.. Very frustrating but if i could get the wheel working at least the same level of feedback as i get from Race series i would be very happy. And since Momo black is made before the game i would expect it to work properly.

    By the way, i have an excellent modification for Momos: use clear silicon to fill the gaps in the cogwheels to get absolut control.. No more that annoying gap in the center or that matter, any where. Precision, baby.. Use the silicone on the bigger part of the cogwheels, it lasts longer. I need to redo the surface twice a year or less..