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Logitech Momo Racing & Gran Turismo 5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Juan Jose Gomez, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. i have a logitech momo (the black) and the GT academy (nissan 350z at indy) worked flawlessly, but when i start GT5 with the momo the pedals aren't working:frown:, i tried to select the X as accelerator with all default wheels and nothing, the brake pedal worked for 1 second and stopped.

    the FF, steering & paddles work great, but not the pedals, any suggestions?

  2. Bit of a silly question but have you connected everything correctly ? i know with my logitec if the wires are not connected fully it will power the wheel but not the pedals same with the actual connection to the pedal if its not in properly it just fails epicly, otherwise the only other thing i can suggest is have you gone on settings and selected your wheel ?
  3. Am i Reading this correctly? Logitech Momo Racing wheel works with GT5?? I have Logitech Racing Momo but I don't want to risk on connecting it to my Ps3 because i tried the wheel on my xbox360 and it messed up the circuit board of the console(xbox360)
  4. just plug the wheel on pc and it doesn't work either

    you can check youtube there's a guy racing gt5 with a momo, it works great
  5. Logitech wheels are 0% compatible with the 360.
  6. Hi thanks for the info. I plugged in my Momo wheel to my PS3 and works fine. Now i can enjoy GT5 plus saves me a lot of money on buying G27 no shifter though, I haven't played with the mapping because I don't know which to change. Paddle shifter works so no biggie on the stick shifter. The only problem for me is the steering sensitivity I'm having a hard time counter steering FR cars with high BHP any ideas? All aids turned off, Steering settings is set to simulation, TC also 0 because i like it that way since I don't have a future in a Motorsports world might as well simulate the feel without the G
  7. i think it's hard with a car with high HP without TC :)
  8. Good to learn I won't have to buy a new wheel.
  9. Is there really no way i can use the stick shifter on this wheel?
  10. Hi i don't know where to post my question but here i go. I'm using the momo logitech wheel i can continuously drift through corners i tried it with s13 silvia, 350z, 370z and i use comfort soft. Now here's my question i'm planning to buy g27 wheel some time next week and i was wondering if drifting would be harder?? because you need to turn the wheel more on a 900 deg wheel. my momo still works fine but i want to learn drifting on a H pattern gears. its really easy to drift on a 270 deg wheel i dont use e-break i just flick the wheel like scandinavian flick then control the angle with the gas pedal and the wheel.
  11. i'm also confirm that MOMO (black) working with GT5 (full), BUT! Stick shifting not working. And centering spring force are always enabled and wheel is very tight! I have not idea how to disable centering spring ( on PC i can do it in Logitech Profiler )
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Dont worry you will get used to G27 and drifting within a day of using new wheel. anyone using the term Scandanavian Flick more than likely will get hang of G27 in a few hours. get your G27 and Give Her!
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    IF your wheel is not showing in the wheel settings in options, it will limit what one can do with wheel. PS3 will accept G25/27, DFGT , DF Pro, and DF without issues.