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logitech momo ffb windows 7 x64

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ado Pusina, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Hi guys :D

    I just installed windows 7 x64 and installed my logitech momo ffb. There were no problems installing the profiler and recognizing the wheel. But the thing is the wheel is not so responsive as it was on Vista x64. I mean the steering ffb is kind of a strange, its not sensitive enough. Is it me, or do you also have issues with this wheel on windows 7 x64?
  2. Nothing bad to report from me mate..... all works the same as it did on vist 64...try your profiler setting you might of made slight adjustment when you had it on vista but not done with on W7 ??
    mine is fine look on logi site download the W7 profiler...I think its the same as the vista one any way but re do it and see what you think...:)
  3. Thanks so much Lee :) I forgot to reply earlier, and the thing is, it was actually the profiler settings that werent set right, the wheel feels "right" now, just like it was on vista, no difference at all...and I just finished my session on curitiba (bmw wtcc) btw...cant get anything better that 1:24:680 :( Cheers mate :D