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Logitech momo 2015 settings

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by HEGVIPER, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hi guys!

    I need help, i have logitech momo racing wheel but i don't know how to stup a wheel for f1 2015.
    I am a newbie for the game but also i don't want to turn on every help in the game.
    please help me how should i setup the wheel and the game?
  2. Well so far i am having trouble with the steering....
    I don't feel the car at all it's like the steering wheel has turned off the feedback but it is on and still it's like the car is flying and not on the road...
  3. Same with my Logitech GT, CM have clearly yet again ballsed up their "Supported Wheels" I cant play the game at all with the wheel
  4. Well, than we need to wait for a fcking patch?
  5. You don't need to wait for patch. Use the Logitech Profiler. Create new profile for f1 2015 and load the game from the profiler. In the controller setting increase the default settings. The game recognizes the wheel so you will have the advanced settings. Also, in the profiler you can adjust pedals sensitivity and fine tune them. It works fine for me.
  6. Thy for the help m8, you are awesome, it is working fine now :))
  7. Can you please share your settings (don't need everything, just what you changed from default)?
  8. I'm out of home for several days. I will send you my settings in monday
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  9. Momo settings would need in the game f1 2015 Forgive my English. Thanks from Spain
  10. You can use lower foorce settings, i am using 80 where this link says he uses 150
  11. This is my setup
    In the global device settings (control panel) I'm using 110, 100, 110 and centering spring set to game preference
    In the game, everything on 100.
    In the profiler, game profile f1 2015, brake pedal sensitivity is on 55%, throttle pedal 50,
    I like the feel trough the wheel. For the car settings and engineer menus i use game pad mapped with xpadder (arrow keys)