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Logitech G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mariusz Ditch, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hi guys so basically bought myself a new wheel after using my Thrustmaster F430FFB for a while now and well as the title says it's a Logitech G27 but was wondering I read somewhere online that assetto corsa FFB is very powerfull and could brake G27 or the Thrustmaster T500Rs is this true?
    I'm waiting for my one to be delivered and was wondering if there is such a danger or whether it's all just a fat joke?
  2. Humzah Hussain

    Humzah Hussain
    Godspeed! Premium Member

    Uhm... Interesting... Never heard this before! I have had a Thrustmaster TX and I have it set at 90% FFB and in Assetto Corsa the FFB is set to default settings. I have had no problems with it, unless someone who has had this happened to them comes forward then I am gonna say its a joke. I honestly don't think the FFB in Assetto is enough to brake a G27 or T500rs.
  3. yh thats what i'm wondering cause i used 90 and 100 ffb on my wheel and never had a problem and i cant find the site where i read it on the forum somewhere but was a bit worried about it i know that T500rs has the most powerfull feedback so i thought maybe thats why since the G27 and T500rs have a more powerfull motor in the wheel but am just wondering if i should be careful or not :/
  4. Humzah Hussain

    Humzah Hussain
    Godspeed! Premium Member

    You can be cautious but if im honest just set the FFB to what you want it at and enjoy. I don't feel there is any need to be cautious. If anything the wheel will only break if it becomes faulty due to a mechanical issue and not by Assetto.
  5. Humzah Hussain

    Humzah Hussain
    Godspeed! Premium Member

    I have tried to look around for something of this nature on other forums and can't seem to find anything. Mainly been finding people having issues setting up the degrees of rotation in game and also settings for the FFB.
  6. no worries thank you for your help :) this community is really great here fast replies and very helpful thanks once again :)
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  7. Humzah Hussain

    Humzah Hussain
    Godspeed! Premium Member

    No problem, always here to help :)
  8. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I've had no problems on my G25 and they upgraded the G27 with Helical Gears which are supposed to smooth out the 'jerks' of the FFB.

    I just used the pedals app in AC to make sure I had settings that were not clipping the FFB and had no real problems with it. Tuning FFB is all down to personal tastes, in the end. :D
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