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Logitech G27 Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The screenshot attached are my settings for the G27 (profiler). In game I haven't changed any further settings apart from setting up the wheel with the wizard.
    Logitech G27.jpg
  2. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth
    Premium Member

  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

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  4. We have all this "problem". Aris have posted this answer in an other thread:

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  5. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth
    Premium Member

    Thanks, although I meant should there be any vibration at all over bumps on the road, as I do have vibration over curbs. I not saying it should, just asking if others do?
  6. I've been using the default settings ingame, 900 degrees and 90% strength in profiler, everything else set to 0% and "allow game to adjust settings" is ticked on. I guess everyone has their preferences but this works fine for me, I didn't feel the need to change anything.
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  7. What Aris said makes all sense to me, i don't need to feel the car steering in straights, not realistic, end of discussion...
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  8. I find 900deg best....otherwise the car feels too snappy and correcting slides/errors is much harder.
    PROPS to Kunos for building such a great sim that works perfectly with G27.
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  9. one thing for the ffb.. the things of the bumps on the straight etc.. I know shouldn't do anything/much to the wheel.. like in reallife.. if there wheel shakes all the time there you should quickly let inspect your car :D...

    however there is a little bit of FFB deadzone when the wheel is centered.. but I get that in every sim (funnily except pcars actually...where allways tirefriction seems to be .. was a positive surprise for me for pcars.. because it felt very tire like.. when you stand it's harder to turn the wheel then when you drive and so..however thats the only thing what seems a bit better in pcars at the moment lol... also rf2 has the steering is harder when standing still but there I have also that ffb deadzone.. even much more then in iracing or AC)

    however.. I think it has something to do with the minimal ffb output is not enough torque to do anything to the wheel...came to that conclusion after highering the minimal ffb in iracing which made that deadzone alot smaller,,, I think it's the same with AC that there are small forces which are just not enough to trasnmit into the wheel... thats the thing that we are still not connected with a steering collum to the virtual car (never will be :D ) but instead with bits that turn motors in a wheel...

    maybe if that can be abit improved maybe as slider or so like in iracing.. because every wheel is differend I think from what I heard fanatec at least the csw are a bit more sensitive to less ffb torque because of the belt system with two motors and so...
    it would be amazing to have nearly or no ffb deadzone... but have to say ACs is already quite small so it already feels very good/better/best compared to other sims...

    just remembered another sim where I didn't feel ffb deadzone... that was LFS ... that hadn't alot friction while standing and so.. and was not so detailed like ACs also it seems to be a very differend aproach to ffb then most sims do..but was till AC came my favorite in feeling car weight and such stuff...

    but yes AC can maybe still a bit improved... but feels very very good and natural and like a real car (and even tops LFS) already... but thats how it is with everything you can always improve everything for a lifetime... but at somepoint the imrpovements go into a more theorethical then practical dimension..because they get smaller and smaller and more and more in the detail that after some point the human senses can't feel a difference:D.. don't think AC reached that point yet.. but is closer to it then any othersim (but all sims still have a way till improvements can no longer be felt :D )
  10. I was positvely surprised too... because of the work together with fanatec I expected fanatec wheels are going to be "plug'n'awesome" but fanatec wheel owners seem have, next to the tr500 guys, the most "problems" with it or have the most "fiddeling around with it" thing..

    where most of the logitech or g25 g27 guys are just .. configure controls.. go on track.. great fun..
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  11. Maybe logitech was a priority forTP, but I'm sure Kunos will support all good wheels.
    The lotus feels a bit like iracing MX5 but much more alive and it also responds to steering corrections properly.

    Kunos F40 is to die for!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Anybody use filter near the ffb gain in game?
    I have some ratling on curbs.
  13. I'm using the suggested settings found on the AC help forum & the Lotus feels fantastic: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/suggested-steering-wheels-configurations.218/

    LOGITECH G25/G27
    (tested and suggested by Aristotelis Vasilakos)

    In Logitech Panel
    Overall effects strength: 100%
    Spring effects strength: 0%
    Damper effects Strength: 10% (Play with this value according to your tastes)
    Centering: 0%
    Degrees: 900
    Allow game to adjust settings CHECKED
    Combined Pedals MUST BE DISABLED

    In AC -> Controls -> Advanced
    Force Feedback Gain: 80%
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  14. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth
    Premium Member

    Nobody with a G27 can answer my question?!
  15. Oh I can, missed it. When going perfectly straight no bumps is felt I think. But for example closer to the end of the back straight, if I start to steer the car even a little bit, I definitely feel the bumps.
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  16. Try to keep all the way right on the longest straight .. just before you pass the banner you can deff feel some road noise/vibration. Or around the pit exit there is a very distinct bump. When the wheel is perfectly centerd you can feel basicly nothing though, but ppl allready explained why.
    On a side note; Make sure youre Logitec profiler has Wheel Deadzone set to 0
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  17. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth
    Premium Member

    Thanks for the answers guys, very much appreciated :)
  18. These settings work nicely on a DFGT too, although I set overall effects strength to 107% otherwise there is a noticeable ffb deadzone.

    What does damper do? I've tried 10 and 0 but prefer 0 as the forces feel more direct.
  19. Good settings, I'm using very similar (25% Damper atm) and I'm happy with the feedback. With 0% damping, there was no real weight to the wheel and everything felt sloppy. I tried 100% Gain in-game, but there's too much FFB clipping, especially on the curbing on the exit of T1. I'm using 0 filter in-game also.
  20. I'd still like some rumble and drag effects when going over rumble strips. I guess that they are not high enough so that your wheel launches in mid air leaving your wheel feeling light.