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Logitech G27, mod or upgrade?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Paul Blythe, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Been using the G27 for roughly 12 months in various games/sims [ Assetto Corsa, P-Cars, R3E, Euro Truck Sim 2]...

    My thoughts on the G27 is that it performs well enough, if a little clunky [toy-like]. FFB is good enough, though perhaps a little on the light side at times. I'd like a slightly larger diameter wheel, but am happy with the pedals and shifter. So, I'm just getting to the point where I'm considering upgrading or modifying.

    Mod wheel/pedals: G27 - RicmoTech brake load cell [v2] and Real Gear wheel/paddle set [D-shape]. Plus Leo Bodnar standalone pedal adaptor. Roughly £360

    Upgrade: Thrustmaster T300 GTE Ferrari, utilising G27 pedals [with load cell] and shifter via Leo Bodnar adaptors. Roughly £400

    Would love the Fanatec v2 base & clubsport wheel/universal hub, but it's just to expensive [£800] for now.

    Is the T300 a worthwhile upgrade from the G27? Or, am I better modding? Thoughts or experiences on mod/upgrade very welcome.
  2. I had a G25 and upgraded to CSWv2 and use the Bodnar cables (see my recent review somewhere in this section) with my modded Logitech shifter/pedals. For me, it was the right decision because I've lusted after the Fanatec BMW rim (buttons!) since it was announced ;) Now I also find myself considering saving up for the formula rim as well.

    Without that lust factor, I'd have gone with the T300 or T500 base instead. Either route will be a noticeable upgrade from the Logitech. Less noticeable for R3E, but ESPECIALLY noticeable if you ever play rF2.
  3. Yes, go TM eyes closed.. Especially if you plan on modding and keeping those pedals you'll be fine. The t300 is an amazing wheel. You could even get just the tx base and hook the big after market rim you fancy.
  4. fortyfivekev


    No experience of the T300 but I am a long time G27 user. I wouldn't spend any money upgrading the wheel you are better off just buying something better. As for the pedals though even a cheap Nixim style mod makes a massive difference to brake feel and a load cell is a bit better again, certainly worth it if you don't pay too much.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. If I'm still sim racing etc in another 12 months, I'll definitely go the Fanatec route ...

    Currently, found and paid for a used T500 base and wheel from ebay [at a reasonable price]. Leo Bodnar G27 adaptors are on their way. Now, just waiting on a reply from APelectrix on their loadcell mod for the G27 brake [or Ricmotech if not] ... might change the clutch & throttle springs also.

    Keep you updated as I change out parts.
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  6. Well done, that a very good upgrade that you'll sure appreciate. Good racing with your new wheel!
  7. Definitely upgrade. G27 was my first what I considered "proper" set, so I was happy with it. But then I got a basic Fanatec Forza CSR wheel, and I couldn't be happier to be rid of the G27. The hammer and chisel effect is something I certainly do not miss. That is an inherent FFB trait of the G27 which will not be solved by any mod.
  8. Turk


    Upgrade was the right decision. Modding a product to do things it was never designed to do is going to put pressure on the whole thing. While it might work fine for some people, there's no guarantee it won't destroy your own wheel, or at the very least dramatically reduce it's lifespan.
  9. snyperal


    Upgrade to a t300 keep the puddles and shifter until you fancy something better / else.
  10. Had a week and a bit using the T500RS [GT wheel] and Bodnar cables for the G27 Shifter and Peddles. Very nice indeed, the T500 is a definite step up from the G27. T500 can still feel notchy at times, but generally FFB is very much improved, subtle, yet more powerful when needed :D

    Ricmotech load cell arrived yesterday, fitted it last night and had about 1 hour of use in AC, PC, R3E and DiRT Rally ... took a few laps to get used to, but very good... might need to tweak the setup so I don't have to apply as much pressure to lock up the wheels. Otherwise, a very natural feel to it :cool:

    Next up is a dedicated sim rig. The T500 is a touch to big for my small desk, so making plans for a semi adjustable unit with SketchUp.
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  11. Something like this perhaps ...

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  12. If brakes are locking too easily with the same setups that worked before, then turn down in-game sensitivity of the brake pedal. R3E has the setting (and it's similar to all the games that share an ISI engine), but I don't know if the others do. This is a better method than tinkering with setups that worked before as it will be applicable across the cars within each sim.

    That rig design is very feasible, though I'm not in favor of attaching monitor to rig. Separate table over the rig to isolate the monitor from FFB is preferable. Don't forget to include deadpedal or your clutch foot will become fatigued or warped.
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  13. Thanks for the advice on the monitor mount :)

    With the G27 peddles, I just swapped to the Ricmotech load cell, plus the Leo Bodnar adaptor & config tool. The initial config I did, required me to press the pedal to much to get 100% braking force. I was physically pushing myself out of the chair to apply full braking force. Backed it off slightly and it's working much better... Only change made was in Assetto Corsa, set the brake gain [linearity] to 0, all the other sims are as is, and are working fine.
  14. Also, been wondering about a sequential shifter. Trouble is, all the available ones are just to expensive to get on a whim... So...


    A pretty simple build idea, a base, arm, pivot point, two rubber stops, two micro switches and a Leo Bodnar 32 switch Button Box Interface [BBI].
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  15. snyperal


    Rubber band mod or two spring mod?
  16. fortyfivekev


    Sequential shifters are easy to make if you have any experience at all with making stuff. That looks great. Add a couple of springs to get some resistance and a nice grip on the top and you're laughing. I generally use Arduinos for this kind of thing as they are cheap but I used the Bodnar load cell board for some pedals and that worked great.
  17. :) Had thought about modding the G27 shifter, but going to leave it alone.

    No real experience with Arduino based devices, got a couple of DIY modules based on it. However, they're pre-programmed units. The Bodnar 32 BBI is cheap and easy it implement [for me], so going that route. Build, as above isn't complex, using 18mm MDF for the base and 18mm Baltic Birch ply for the handle.

    Should have the rig and shifter built in a few days, hopefully :)
  18. Had a few days off work, so tasked myself with trying to get as far as possible with the rig.


    Sacrificed my old Ikea Poang chair for the seat, wheel & pedal angles have some adjustment. Plus the pedals can be moved +/- 1"

    Still to do:
    Make shifter mount [removable] for G27 shifter.
    Make Sequential shifter & mount [removable] - 40% done
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