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Logitech G25 settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by scooterlord, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone come up with any good G25 settings? G27 settings just feel awful.. and at stock values also feels awful... it just makes you wonder why don't they test each wheel at codemasters and put the values that feel good to them as stock values..

    I am at work and not enough time to mess with settings, so if anyone has good settings for the PC version I'd be grateful!
  2. I stole my settings from someone else in another thread so credit goes to them but it made a big difference for me.

    900 in logitech profiler
    centering spring 60%
    saturation 75%
    Linearity 50%
    Environmental FFB 30%
    force feedback strngeth 90%
    Steering heavyness 90%
  3. can you post all the settings please? in game and profiler?
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    900 degrees rotation in a F1 car?

    I hope to have my steam game activated tomorrow and the first thing ill do is make a G27 set :)
  5. g27 settings are all over the place..
  6. My G25 settings. :D


    I feel that these settings work quite well. :)
  7. Has anyone tried to adjust the brakes with a load cell? I am having a hell of a time, it's either lockup or weak brakes.

    For the wheel, I have my FFB at 10% in game and it's too strong, but 0% has no FFB at all.
  8. Has anyone good Settings for G25 with PS3 for me please?
  9. Bram,desperately waiting for it,for 2010 ur settings was great...
  10. (Merged) Logitech G25 settings (PS 3)

    hey Guys,

    i just noticed that the other thread seems to be only for PC, so here again a new one.

    Does anyone have good settings for the Logitech G25 on PS3?

    Would be glad if you share it.

    Many Thanks!
  11. If you don't try my setting but just look at the numbers you wont benefit from my experience :) You use 900 degrees in iracing F1 car but of course the f1 car is geared not to use the to total amount of lock hence the saturation settings..... Please try it before jumping to conclusions
  12. Ok after more testing forget these settings!

    Keep logitech profile settings as they are in screenshot but just choose Logitech G25 in controller options and don't touch any advanced or FFB settings as this will mess up the optimal G25 settings codies have made. Default G25 settings feel ACE! :D
  13. No one with good PS3 settings? :(
  14. I use:

    SD 0%
    SS 0%
    SL 97%
    TD 0%
    TS 5%
    BD 0%
    BS 0%

    Force Feedback

    EF 10%
    FBS 40%
    WW 70%
  15. G25 PS3 Wheel set up

    Has anyone found a nice set up for the logitech g25 wheel, for the ps3?

    I kept the force feed back options from F1 2010 and they seem to work ok, just wondering if anyone had success with the advanced wheel options.
  16. Any one got any good settings for g25

    Iv tryed all sorts of setting but just does nto feel right so as any one got any good settings for g25 not g27 as im not shore if there different or not ......got latist software ... just need some good settings for wheel software and ingame ...............

    thanks for any help on this
  17. Well, my setting isn't realistic as I turn down the force feedback effect but it will make you go faster. You might wanna run with force feedback for awhile until the wow factor wears off then try this setting when you're ready to go faster.

    Logitech setting
    Overall Effects Strength = 30%
    Spring Effect Strength = 0%
    Damper Effect Strength = 0%
    Enable Center Spring = Checked
    Center Spring Strength = 5% (or 0%)
    Report Combined Pedals = Unchecked
    Degree of Rotation = 300' (Adjust this to suit your style. 300' will make it almost 1:1 ratio with McLaren)
    Allow Game to Adjust Settings = Checked

    In game Advanced setting
    All 0% except
    Brake deadzone = 2% (to resolve slipstream bug)
    Brake saturation = 10% (if you want sensitive brakes which I do)

    In game Force Feedback
    Env Effect = 0
    Force Feedback Strength = 100
    Wheel Weight = 100

    Override Input Device Type = Steering Wheel (This is important when you made changes to default G25 profile and changed to Custom)

    Again, by using this setting, I shaved 1~2 seconds on every track right off the bat. If the wheel feels too light at first, try increasing the Overall Strength Effect in Logitech Setting.
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  18. apres une journée de reglage , j'ai reussi.
    je mettrai demain le fichier ne telechargement , apres il suffit de mettre 110 dans le logiciel logitech
    dans le jeu il faudra mettre 40 100 50

    ou je peut l'envoyer a quelqu'un qui le mettra en dl
  19. after a day of adjustment, I did it.
    Tomorrow I will download the file, after just put 110 in the software logitech
    in the game it will make 40 100 50

    or I can send it to someone who will dl