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Logitech Driving ForceGT Wheel settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by stevehaz_uk, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Has anybody managed to get good results from the DFGT in F1 2011? I mean good wheel weight and FF? My settings tweaked a million times never seem to be quite right..
    My settings are:-
    SD 0%,SS 0%,SL 50%,TD 0%,TS 2%,BD 3%,BS 2%
    EE 20% FS 70% WW 50%

    Unchanged (tried the 107% didnt seem to make a difference)
    Thanks for any help
  2. It is something that I have found difficult to get just right too...Much of the settings has to do with ones personal preferences so my settings might not suit you.
    Don't remember my exact settings now, but I'll try and post them when I get home tonight :)
  3. SD 2%,SS 0%,SL 0%,TD 0%,TS 0%,BD 2%,BS 0%
    EE 10% FS 60% WW 80%

    105% in the profiler and everything else to 0. 271 degrees of rotation cause I can't select 270 :D
  4. SD 0%,SS 0%,SL 0%,TD 0%,TS 0%,BD 3%,BS 0%
    EE 20% FS 50% WW 30%

    50% in profiler and 260 degrees turn angle.

    @Viktor: If you set your slider for turn angle either to min or max settings first, you can then use the left-right arrows on your keyboard to step 5 degrees at a time, at least it makes it easier to set an even number then. :)
  5. I have a Logitech DFP and I set the settings in this way within the game:
    SD 0%, SS 27%, SL 25%, TD 0%, TS 25%, BD 0%, BS 25%
    EE 100%, FS 100%, WW 30%
    105% in profiler and 385 degrees turn angle.

    But the car in the game just seems to me direct, or rather it seems to me there is a bit 'dead zone in the wheel.
    How can I make the car more direct when cornering?

    p.s. settings should be as realistic as possible because I seek your realism.
  6. nobody?

  7. try this settings for my DFP. in game Advanced Wheel Settings all 0% except Steering Linearity 10%, Force Feedback Options ON 10% / 10% / 30%.

    for profiler settings i've attached it here, download and import it.
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18538104/F1 2011.xml
  8. I tried your settings and I must say that's better, are not far away from mine but that's better.