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Logitech Driving Force Pro

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ho3n3r, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Is this wheel any good? It's a Logitech Driving Force Pro GT.


    Compared to a Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback wheel, is it that much better?

    The things I'm most worried about is:
    - Feel of the pedals, is resistance good enough?(My current pedals are useless!)
    - Paddle Shifters, are they better than my current ones?

    Any info is appreciated!
  2. I had a Formula Vibration thing, and I don't think this is worth bothering with as an upgrade. The pedals aren't great, and since that's your main concern, I'd suggest going for a G27. Or this wheel + those shiny fancy Fanatec pedals.
  3. Thanks :)

    That's bad news for me though, as I can get a bargain 2nd hand price for this, but not for a G25/G27. In fact, no ads at all posted for a 2nd hand either of those. It's too expensive for most of us here.

    Just to confirm, the Formula Vibration Thing you had, was this one:?

    That's the one I have, and if the DFGT isn't even better than this, then it's no use for me...

    Can you tell me in which way the pedals are bad in this one? Is it also the lack of resistance?

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Yes, that's the one.

    The DFGT is much better, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that as an upgrade, at its retail price (over here it's around 3/5ths - 2/3rds the price of a G27), it's not worth it in my opinion. Especially since you want good pedals, and pedals are its Achilles' heel.

    But since there's a bargain involved, go for it I guess.
  5. Ooh I have a doubt about this now. But the price is about R400(40 Euros), which isn't bad. What is the bad thing about the pedals? Is it the resistance? Because you're right, if the pedals suck just as much as the ones I have now, no use to upgrade, as the wheel itself is fine - not perfect, but acceptable.

    Darn it! Had so much hope :/

    When you say 'it's definitely an upgrade', what aspects would you say is better in this one? If you don't mind answering, of course :)
  6. Everything is better, it's a decent wheel. It's just not worth buying new as an upgrade, when there's a G27 not far up ahead.
    40€ is a bargain, get it. They are ~140 new here.

    It has clamps, which was the main thing for me when I was using the Formula thing :D
    900 degrees, force feedback, shifter; big improvements.

    The pedals are similar, i.e. bad. No resistance, although people have modded them (tennis balls or something, and bungee cords :D)
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  7. That's very clever - at least they are moddable, as opposed to the ones I have now.

    I am definitely getting it now, as I will sell my old one anyway, so I'd get some return at least.

    Off-Topic: The clamps are a great addition, although I must say that I had a clever solution with my current wheel.

    I got the clamps you see in this pic with my first wheel:

    You know those flaps that pull out on the sides of the wheel I have? Pulled them out and put those clamps on them, works great :)

    Just wish they'd put more resistance into these pedals from the start though!

    Thanks again, you have helped me a lot :)
  8. I think all the cheapie Logitechs use the same pedal set, and I found it impossible to go fast{DFGT}, as the brake would often lock, and the gas pedal would load up, so I could feel the weight/torque of the chassis under my right foot and couldn't dare punch it otherwise huge spin.
  9. Oh hell! Please tell me that was just an issue you experienced, and not a factory fault with all DFGT's? Otherwise I can't buy it?
  10. It's a result of the cheapie spring and construction and AFAIK, should effect all cheap Logitech pedals.
    G25/27 pedals are infinitely better.

    The original picture in your OP is the DFP, not a DFGT....the DFGT is a better package, but I doubt the pedal set is any better, ie, they all look the same and will use the same horrid spring.

    That said, if you put ABS and TC on, the pedals will work fine, however many online sims won't allow driver aids.

    To me, the genuine entry wheel for sim racing is G27, but cheapie wheels can work fine with driver aids.
  11. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Having owned a Driving Force Pro, (still have it) I can tell you that the pedal feel is weak at best though the feel of the G27 pedals isn't that much stronger. What makes the difference is the quality of parts used in the pedals. The G27 seems to be far superior in the resolution of the pedals allowing for better control. I had issues with not being able to brake properly due to lack of pressure of the pedal, but it should not be a real issue once you get into higher end pedal sets.

    See if anyone has a G25/G27 pedal set for sale as you can get a USB adapter that will allow you to use them with the DFP/GT wheel. The adapter is from Leo Bodnar and will not only allow you to connect your pedals directly to the USB port, but enhances the resolution of the pedals as well.
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  12. Nice Comment Jim... Will keep that in mind when I have more money.

    So, I bought the wheel, and was pleasantly surprised. The pedals are much better than the ones of the Formula Vibration Feedback that I have.

    Oh, and the wheel itself, it's awesome! Feels very much like a real car, or as I'd imagine it. And the paddle/button shifters click very easily, I like the way they feel.

    Thanks for the advice, and I am very happy with my purchase, seeing as it was a helluva bargain :)