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Logitech Driving Force Pro settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Balázs Gerencsér, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. I liked the initial settings - suggested by people at the AC forum - but the FFB "hole" around the center always bothered me. It wasn't catastrophic at all, but when turning the wheel fast because of rapid weight shifts in the car, it was a problem indeed. So after a lot of reading and experimenting I can suggest the following:

    Logitech Profiler Settings

    Overall Effects: 110%
    Spring Effects: 0%
    Damper Effects: 100%
    Centering: 0 (un-checked)
    Degrees: 900
    Allow Game: Checked

    In Game

    Gain: 75%
    Filter: 0%
    Damping: 20%

    Following is my personal taste:
    Kerbs: 30%
    Road: 10%
    Slip effects: 10%

    Aristoteles suggested that for Logitech wheels we should try to lower the Overall Effects to 90-95% to avoid wiggling and rumbling of the wheel. So I'll test that setting as well but increasing Gain in the game at the same time.
  2. Lowering the Overall Effects in the Profiler to 99% already stopped my wheel wiggling
  3. Good to know. Do you still have a "tight" wheel? Without deadzone in the middle I mean...
  4. More or less, yes.
    I havent got a deadzone, but depending on the car i drive, it may feel a bit light weighted in the center.
  5. @pudd!ng, can you pls post your settings (Profiler and in-game)? Thanks.