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Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by yamahadrums2009, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Just wondering about the Logitech GT Force Feedback Wheel – I’ve been thinking about buying it for use with F1 2011 on PC.

    I’ve read heaps of reviews, and I can’t afford a G25 or G27 right now, and I have been using a cheap joystick (Saitek Cyborg Flight Stick) reasonably successfully. I guess I feel I am missing out by not having my steering as a separate process from the accelerator and the brakes…etc…

    I wanted to hear from people who are using it currently with 2011…

    How’s the feel of the FF?

    Does the unit feel like it could break at any moment?

    What were you using before?

    Did it improve your driving?

  2. I play with DFGT because of the same reason as you and I'm pretty happy with it. It's not the best wheel in the world but it has reasonable FFB. The only weak part are the pedals but with some mods they can be better.

    Does the unit feel like it could break at any moment? - No it doesn't.
    What were you using before? - cheap wheel with no FFB and single axis pedals.
    Did it improve your driving? - yep it did. I bought it for F1 2010 and my times dropped with more than a second.
  3. I have one too and agree with what Victor said, but I think he should switch back to his old wheel to slow him down a bit...;)

    Although, even if I found a second and Victor dropped a second he would still lap me...:D
  4. I play with G27,the only weak part is the gearbox you cant switch to sequential manual transmission like G25 :(
    Does the unit feel like it could break at any moment? No it doesn`t
    What were you using before? G25
    Did it improve your driving?Yes it did.Well to be honest if we compare it to Controller/Keyboard it will improve your times alot.
  5. Dan, your question is an easy one to answer. Assuming that you are in the sub $200 wheel/pedals market then the DFGT is probably the best wheel for the money. Up until recently I have been a long time user of the DFGT and it has served me well (I am now a very happy owner of a CSR Elite).

    How’s the feel of the FF?
    It exists and is not bad for a budget wheel.

    My wheel had centering issues and would jiggle back and forth with a loud clicking noise unless you very very gently got it to center. Not a big deal but it was very annoying. It also made loud clicking noises (different kind) when going down straights since you are keeping the wheel close to center and doing small adjustments.

    Does the unit feel like it could break at any moment?
    Not at all, it has very strong construction for an entirely plastic wheel!

    What were you using before?
    I started off with the Microsoft wheel on xbox. Then I got the DFGT to play with on PC, much better than that crappy MS wheel. Then I got a Fanatac GT2, unfortunately that broke and I had to go back to the DFGT. It was a big step down but after an adjustment period I got used to it again. I can't say I that I was able to enjoy it while waiting for my next wheel but it allowed me to keep playing at least (I'm still going to keep it, it's a decent backup).

    Did it improve your driving?
    It improved my experience (immersion factor) with the game if that's what you mean. I never went from keyboard or gamepad to wheel so I can't tell you if my times improved. But I think if you put in the effort to drive the wheel properly you will go faster.

    IMHO the DFGT is a good buy for a beginner or someone who is curious but not 100% sure they want to be a simracer. It is a nice wheel, it is a shame the pedals are horrendous though. I have had a set of Fanatec's Clubsport pedals for about a year and I have to say they are just as important as a good wheel. When I was using the DFGT's pedals it helped to wrap a couple of bungee cords around them to increase the resistence. But that is nothing compared to some CSP's.

    If you find yourself wanting something more than the DFGT then save up for a Thrustmaster T500RS (great wheel and pedals from what I've heard) or a Fanatec CSR Elite and CSR Elite (or Clubsport) pedals. The G27 is a bit outdated so I can't really recommend it (though can be found for a good price)
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I use the DFGT myself, and it's a pretty good wheel for the price. There is a big price difference when jumping up to the next 'best' wheel, and the wheels that I really fancy are out of my price range at the moment .....

    I didn't vote due the incomplete poll options. Why ask about the DFGT, then omit it from the options? :confused:
  7. I just got a DFGT. Coming from a Thrustmaster RGT FFB PRO. Differences are huge! Bigger wheel, many more options on it, better quality. Only the pedals seem a bit too small for me, but not a big deal. I hated the RGT calmp system. the screw was of extremely bad quality and wore out 3 times in a matter of months. I finally gave up with it and ended fixing the wheel with two leather belts to my desk! LOL! A few days ago, FFB broke definetly. The wheel lasted 1 year and 2 months.
  8. I forgot to mention the biggest pro - it has buttons! Many buttons which can all be used in F1 2011. The L3 and R3 buttons are the best for DRS and KERS.
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  9. Nah not odd, just a deliberate omission on my account, figuring that this would be covered by the people responding who are currently using the DFGT.

    Thanks for the thread too, but it didn't quite cover my situation. It was more comparing wheels, I'm pretty sure that this is the wheel I want, just hoping to hear from people who made the leap and also to understand the whole force feedback thing. Having used a non-FF joystick for so long, and I suppose my eyes to 'feel' the grip level, I'm trying to justify the decision as a step up. I'm nervous that it may cause me to change my approach so much that I will get worse times and sit unused in my wardrobe.

    Thanks to everyone above for the replies too, they help a lot. Although I must say, I've got no chance when there are people out there using their 'spoon bendable minds' as controllers!
  10. My G27 is worth every penny. I was also lucky and got it 50% off.
  11. My dream steering wheel, but very expensive in Australia, even with the sales on. :-( Maybe I should save up for the best of the best??
  12. I really dont know how the driving force would compare since I don't have one, but yea, id definitely recommend you the G27. Unfortunately there is always the money problem :/
  13. With the the wheel switching you generally have the possibility of 2 experiences.
    1 being you learn to use it for a while, get much better and love it.
    Or you get really frustrated because you try to take all the assists off straight away while not being in a comfortable driving position.

    Your choice?
  14. You make a good point about all assists off. Currently I am not using traction control or abs, but it took a long time to ween myself off the TC breast, and I guess I am finding the limitations of the joystick now that I have done so. There aren't too many nuances when you're restriction of movement is not more than a few inches.

    I think I am slowly being now swayed towards the G27 for the better pedals and construction. I have found it for $299 AU dollars online and as high as $500 in shops (which is a ridiculous mark up). This compared to $115 online for the DFGT and $300 in shops. Is it any wonder I didn't by a wheel years ago, since I used to do all my shopping in retail thinking it was safer/cheaper.

    I'm pretty serious about racing and about wanting to keep the set out of the wardrobe closet, so I'll keep saving up I think. I have my 31st birthday coming up soon, so might be a good op to go for a decent wheel and pedal combo.
  15. I just purchased a brand new G27 online from Logitech reseller. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  16. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Ebay logitech reseller? same as me :p I saw the $500 price tag in JB and thought "Hell NO". So ordered one off ebay, $200 off = win!
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  17. You wont be disappointed with the G27. Had mine just over a year now and it still feels like brand new.
  18. Lucky bas**** :) G27 costs a fortune here and it's impossible to find it cheap... 350EUR is too much for me...
  19. Wow man, 350EUR is about 290GBP!

    As you can see, I can grab one direct from Logi for 174GBP witch is only about 210EUR!


    Wanna paypal me some money and tell me where to send the wheel? :D