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WIP Lobethal 1938

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by woochoo, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Something crazy in me has decided to start another project, Lobethal 1938 (South Australia, a little East of Adelaide). I had had a quick dabble with Lobethal not long after i had started my Longford project, but i quickly set it aside, despite how obviously awesome the track was. I don't live anywhere near there, never been there, and the project would clearly take a long time to complete. Longford took 18 months for 7km, Lobethal is 14km! But, here i am.

    I might ask for help at some point. Like now. Is anyone interested in helping out with modeling some of the buildings in the town? I don't know how many of the currently standing buildings are from the period, but there should be a couple worth starting on.

    Anyway, here is a link with an article by Ray Bell on Lobethal: http://tasman-series.com/misc/lostcircuits/lobethal/lobethal.asp - includes a modern photgraphic tour of the circuit.
    A link to the Lobethal Revival Festival: http://www.lobethalgrandcarnival.com.au/home.html

    and after about two weeks work, an alpha version preview vid, just for kicks :D:

    If anyone is interested, this doesn't mean i've signed off on Longford either, it's only v0.9 after all.
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  2. This sounds and looks very intressting! :)

    I could always help you out with some of the modelling too, just give me a shout.. :)
  3. Thanks Jonathan, hopefully a couple of people might be interested in helping out, to lighten the load. Also, if there is anyone from Adelaide, or SA generally, who would be interested in helping the moddeling, or taking photos for textures, that would be great!

    HERE is Street View, showing Main Street, which is the last part in the video, so along there are the buildings that will need to be modeled. The track is based on 1938 so i guess a number of the buildings will be new since then. It might be a bit of a challenge to determine what is new and what is old. There aren't too many reference photos readily available, though the revival site has some (see link in OP).

    I've noticed there are some similar style old houses between Lobethal and Longford so a couple of those can be fixed up easily by myself.

    What i might do is snapshot each building and make an list. That way, anyone who is keen to model one or two buildings can pick them easily and check that someone else hasn't already started, if there is even that much interest. It would be nice if anyone who volunteers is already really good at modeling buildings, but it's also a good opportunity for someone to get their toes wet if they just want to try a single building. It goes without saying that everyone who participates will get a credit in the final release, probably for each individual building.
  4. You do like it long, hard & difficult, do you Woochoo... Into S&M perchance? ;) (Not that we mind, in your case we like it all ;) )
  5. and old ;)
  6. You are seriously amazing / crazy! Woo choo! That is looking brilliant. Good luck.... and Thanks for sharing!
  7. I REALLY like your grass textures woochoo!
    Strange, I was just going through the OACG thread the other night & was considering posting something about what's happening with the communal effort idea & the possibilities of either doing Lobethal or Hartley Vale near Lithgow.......
    I also know of someone considering the Peel circuit(33mile) out near Bathurst....
    All these older Oz tracks also have had me wondering if anyone is considered a 1920/30's car mod to match,an old T-model Ford, Stanley Steamer or a 3wheeled Morgan would be a blast!
    Best of luck with Lobethal & if I find anything else of interest I'll send you a PM.
  8. Cheers Lee, the grass is based off VLM's Rouen texture, with bog standard ISI add and multi maps iirc. Then the satellite imagery blended in.
    A mod with some old cars would be ace. The Merc '55 F1 is about the closest i can get at this stage. Then there's the '37 Auto Union wip. That'd be nice!
  9. This track would be great. Keep up the good work mate. Your Longford track is one of my favourite rFactor tracks.

  10. A quick update here. There is little to update you on i'm affraid. I've been polishing various bits of Longford since Christmas and haven't looked at Lobethal for a while. But, as a christmas gift i recieved the Lobethal book and DVD available from the Lobethal Revival website, some good stuff on there that will help for when i get back to it.
  11. Nudge? (a polite bump...lol)
    How's this one going mate, are you back into it yet?
    Looking forward to seeing a coupla screenie's or something soon ;-)
  12. Hi Lee,
    I did a couple of weeks work on Lobethal in November. Refined some terrain, added fences, added placeholder buildings. I've also aquired aerial photography from SA's Department of Natural Resources to use for terrain blending. I'm yet to have implemented them yet though, because i've been working on Longford again :D New pub model (screenshot on the Longford rfc page), more specator cars.
    The next Lobethal work i do will be the aerial shots, and hopefully that will be soonish. After that i'll do pics and a vid i expect.
    The 1937 GP mod should be pretty nice with Lobethal =D
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  13. Great to hear your still plugging away at Lobethal mate!
    Don't forget to sample this scary WIP beast there either!
    http://wwww.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Auto Union Type C
    (There's a working D/L link there....)
    Longfords new pub looks good enough to stop in & have a virtual beer at too!
    I'll try & P.M. some bits to you in a day or so too....
  14. More classics is good classics...