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loading screen and races, flickering

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by davoroni, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. as the thread states-
    i load r-factor (i7 3.4g, 2x GTX670 sli card. 1920x1080 resolution)
    the entire screen is flickering with alternating blue lines.
    the races load with alternating blue flicker lines, it is horrible.
    i haven't toyed much with settings but what the heck?
  2. Roland

    Premium Member

    Try disabling SLI.
    I have dual AMD cards and need to disable Crossfire to get rid of the flickering. No blue lines here though.
    AFAIK the rF engine can't handle multiple graphics cards. FPS is better on a single card,too
  3. cheers i will do just that.
    I was under the impression Rf could handle it, as FormulaTruck handles SLI well.
    i will just move onto one card, maybe try a bigger one. :)
    thanks very much.