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Livery Video Tutorial 101

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Zeusmoltar9, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. First off hello everyone, so excited that people are modding this game, currently playing through some of the mods hosted here and they really are nice.

    One thing I noticed was many questions on how to mod the game currently. I haven't seen many tutorials and very very few videos on it. I thought I'd post how I've done some modding in two videos that i uploaded. First off I'm not a pro at this but I've been modding games for years now so I have the 101 stuff down pat i think. :O_o:

    Anyway here are the videos

    First one is on teams and driver naming modding:

    Second is on Livery modding:

    This is all 101 stuff but I hope it can help some people get into modding this game. Thanks again for everyone who offered bit of info that helped me get this far, still got a ways to go.

    - Zeus
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  2. Very good
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  3. good work ! Can u edit the Psg.file ? There is a Psg.00212124 in teams.txt, i am sure it stores the different liveries for the teams in it.
  4. no, psg. is location of team