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Little question about the game performance.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ivan Gjorgjievski, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have the following system configuration

    AMD Phenom 2 9500 - 2.2ghz
    GTS 450 Geforce 1gb DDR5
    2x500Gb hdds
    MSI Platinum K9A2 MB
    4Gb Ram

    And in directx 11 mode i cant get anymore fps than 14,15.

    with 1440x960 resolution, with overall detail level Medium with vsync OFF.

    I have my game patched, and installed Truelight mod from RDDEV.

    Is anyone of you has this kind of config to tell me his graphics settings, or anyway how to get it above 20? Tried on directx 9 and i have 21 fps max...

    Anyways, thanks upfront on any info on this guys..
  2. This game is so badly optimized. I'm lucky thatn I can play the game, bud my framerates are way lower than they should be.

    I guess your CPU is the bottle neck.. (?), but still you should be able to get higher framerates.

    Youre not getting too much heat or something, making the hardware tune down performance? Check your temps with realtemp and clock speeds with cpu-z..
  3. Thank you Tomas for the reply..
    I should check the clocks on cpu-z and temps, while playing, or not?
  4. yes go a couple laps and then alt+tab out and have the programs running already in the background.
  5. here is a picture from the measurings. I set the game everything on max.. So what do you think?

    Maybe i should change the processor?


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. well it's pretty hot but not really in the danger zone. Try lowering your anti aliasing one step and also back down the ultra settings to high. you should not notice a BIG difference in quality but hopefully some better FPS.
  7. Also, i have another question about the performances.
    Why, when i go online, my performance drops even more, than usual?