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Limited Aids Big Difference

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Well I started a new career and I am going with limited aids (TC). I am driving a Toro Rosso. I qualified in 12th, but ended up in 20th. I lost a few spots in my pit stop, and a few more during the race. It seems that with it set to legends, that I can hold my own with the lower tier teams, but one little mistake and they get by, they just disappear down the track. I am going to Albert Park and I will set the AI to the Professional setting and see what that does.
    I have the True AI 1.4 and the Slow Corner Fix installed.
  2. What race length are you doing? My observations are that the longer the race the more the fuel sim being turned on becomes a handicap (I do 100% length races). Then again it may not be the fuel sim being the biggest culprit. It may be the catchup. Ryder may be on to something with his experimental AI catchup fixes (which will eventually make their way into True AI 1.5?). Hard to say, I don't have enough races under my belt yet with some newer mods. But I have had some interesting races lately with True AI 1.4 + Ryder's experimental catchup fixes + various corner mods. Ultimately I think a True AI 1.5 (once it is ready) and then tweak the AI corners for each track (not a trivial task) will give us the best races.
  3. I am set at a 50% race distance.
  4. I am doing this also and having the same problems, they seem around 3 - 5 seconds faster a lap :mad:
  5. Guys,

    Legend setting to me is making me go mad. I am like 3-4 seconds off the pace from the AI. I don't have any mod installed and I guess maybe it is setting of realife drivers in Legend. I agree with you, TR6speed that once they get by you the AI drivers are gone. I have set to Pro & I can finish in the top 10 so far driving for Lotus. :)
  6. Turn all the driver assists off as they will actually slow you down as your skills improve... Turn everything off and then start using practice sessions to test various setups... You will get closer to the front of the field in Q1-Q3...
  7. Hard to tell with ABS since my brake pedal has no feel to it (I can't tell if I am locking the brakes since there is absolutely no feel). But if the game is remotely close to being accurate, having ABS turned on will increase your braking distances. I have tried them on and off and did not notice much difference. So I have turned ABS off. The only other assist I have tried was Traction Control and yes I do think you are correct in that TC will slow you down. It is hard to notice, but if TC is cutting revs to your engine to prevent you from swapping ends, naturally those lost revs could have made you faster if you properly managed them. Of course swapping ends is never fast and sometimes TC is nice to have in a "heat of the moment" race. LOL ... as much as I wish I could drive at the limit on every corner driving the perfect line with the perfect braking point, the perfect turn ins, the perfect acceleration through the apex, I can't. I am only a flawed human wannabee race car driver. So often I tell myself driving at 95-99% is faster than driving at 110% and spinning.