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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Technician, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    Im trying to bring some different lights in the BTB, so that there's a bit more variety on the style. However I am having great difficulty.

    I've read the small explanation that was posted on here, but I cant get the buggers to work. I'd greatly appreciate some help from the forum on this.

    I have to admit that this is driving me mad, i've spent probably the best part of 8 hours trying to get the lights to work!!!! Please someone help.

    Once I can create one I'd gladly do some light 'borrowing' to make an Xpack for us all.

    Rock on,
  2. what lights, startlights, or street lamp lights.what game rfactor,gtr2,gtl,evo?.
  3. Just to clarify, Im talking about trackside lighting. And in BTB-PRO with rFactor.
  4. trackside light needs to be in 3 parts. the post, the lamp, and the onmi (the light itself). it quite hard to do.

    the onmi, but has said it quite a task to do without 3dmax.

  5. Ideally I want to know the Xpacker process for it.

    Using 3dsimed I've borrowed a light I want from a track, it consists of a post, a lamp head and a glow. I just cant see how to get the bugger to work in Xpacker - I can get the object to be there no problem, but it just fails to be a light. Even after setting the glow as a lightglow etc...

    There seems to be some part of the process that im missing.

    Rock on,
  6. There's a Light and Post in the default XPack. If you unpack the XPack and have a look at the light's settings in XPacker you might see what you need to change in your one to make it work.
  7. I have unpacked the default one and I cant find what im doing differently.

    I have big plans for how I want to light my track (nice mood colours on some objects) but I've hit a wall as it were.

    Rock on,