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Skins Light Gray & Red Toro Rosso 2015-11-15

Changed Toro Rossos blue-ish colour to a light-gray

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  1. Can you try to do the Silver Livery of McLaren Honda (the start livery)? Pleaseee
  2. Sorry, but I have no clue how to do that. This livery was the first I did and I just don't have the skill and patience to try and edit the McLaren Honda. This would be far too complicated for me. And, to be honest, I like McLarens current livery better than the old one and I don't want to do somthing I would not like myself.
    Sorry again. :(
  3. nice effort with this one :thumbsup:
  4. Where do you put it on f1 2015
  5. Go to (C :, then Programms (x86), Steam, steamapps, common, F1 2015, f1_2015_vehicle_package, teams and then pull the toro_rosso file from the downloaded Light-Grey Toro Rosso.rar (not the .rar itself!) just in this. It will replace the original texture with my one and then you're free to play :)
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
  6. Thanks! :D
  7. Thank you