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Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by T46D, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2013 Helmet
    I hope you like it :)
    Thanks to ML2166 for the 3D Modell :)

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  2. Dream wider!;):p:)
  3. Might actually look like this. Nicely done :)
  4. Nicely done T46D! Although there is one thing I want to say: Wouldn't he have to run with the Schuberth SF1 helmet?
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  5. I'm not. I'm only deeply disappointed by the way MSC had to end his career, racing this rolling wastebucket that was called Mercedes.

    Hopefully Peter Sauber was serious when he claimed he would sign Schumacher if he were free.
  6. Please make an Schumacher Sauber Helmet as well. :D

    Peter Sauber told German magazine Auto Motor Sport in Singapore that he would sign Schumacher "immediately" if he became available.

    Michael Schumacher has not decided whether he wants to continue racing in Formula 1.

    Who knows... :whistling:
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  7. Both yellow helmets in Merc... Too much omho...
  8. Aaahhh... I seeeee... THAT'S why Hamilton had a white/red helmet in Singapore! :roflmao:

    It actually makes sense, now! :D
  9. He didn't, actually... It was white... but it had a red lion on it :)

    If you feel like it, @T46D, would you mind doing a Perez McLaren and a Schuey Sauber helmet? :)
  10. Signal color was red, though... ;)

    Basic color white, yes.
  11. The silver helmet of Michael was the most smart idea for this car... Maybe silver with petronas green will be the best combination. ;)
  12. thanks.:cool:
  13. Very neat indeed. Thank you.
  14. Thats actually a good guess of what it could look like next year. Nice