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Legend so much harder than Professional?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Lawson, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Just interested to know, anyone else finding legend a lot harder than professional. Same track, same car, in a 50% professional race I came 1st, in a 100% legend race I came 19th. Anyone else have that bit of a difference?
  2. i currently play custom setup but AI on pro and have tried on legend it is considerably harder but not as much as i drive for ferrari and they are very competitive
  3. Now I've got the hang of the game a bit more I'm finding the same thing. Professional level I can finish in 1st with ease. Legend it's a miracle if I get in the points.

    Seems to be a level missing somewhere!
  4. When i first played the game i chose expert , i think there were 4 options to chose from so i picked the 2nd hardest . I think i pretty much won every race except barcelona .Game bugged out by the time i got to silverstone .
    Started new career in EXPERT mod with no aids or motec .. just me in the cockpit .Again , i choose the Lotus and found that my lap times are actually slower compared to the lesser mode .. i was getting 1:57s first time round , this time i managed a blistering 2:01and came in 9th but only because i changed my pit strat so that i was not pitting when everyone else was .. if u dont do this you will just sit there whilst the AI lets every other car by .
    The car seems to be a lot more handicaped in expert mode .
  5. it probably is