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Legend Rain Times CPU

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by franqito10, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys!
    So I've been meaning to ask you something.
    I was driving in Q3 in Catalunya yesterday and it was very very wet, I was running a wet setup from the forum, and I was doing the times posted along so I thought everything was fine.
    But NO, the cpu started putting some, how can I put it, let's say some rather "fast" laps.
    I mean 1:28.3, SERIOUSLY? Full wet in catalunya?
    I recently (Second season) upgraded the difficulty from pro to legend to have more competitive races. In the first 4 races it was fine, I won 2 (I'm in mclaren career mode), 2nd in bahrain and spun out like an idiot at melbourne.
    I have all patches but I don't think that this was an issue stated in the "fixes". I mean I saw that pro is faster now but I was beating it by 1 second in every quali anyway ergo, not fun, but legend in this track is just a joke haha 1:28? really? That's better than Karthikeyan's time in dry.
    Anybody experienced this?
  2. Have you fast forwarded the session? I had this problem on Canada, i was doing good times on wet, then i fast forwarded the session and the AI times got 3-4 seconds better, i went to the track to see it was becoming dry, but no, it was a FF bug.
  3. had the same problems in Canada but in a dry race.The AI posted fastest lap of 1.09.2 during the race.So no fast forward..
  4. It works the opposite way for dry.
    Dry + FF = Slower AI times
    Wet + FF = Faster AI times
    At least that's whats happening to my game :cry: