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Left Foot Bracking help !

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by WictorT, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. I have an Logitech f310 gamepad , brake and acceleration is set on Z Axis(aka Triggers) . When I press both triggers , happens nothing , sure , because the only one Axis . How do I manage them (acceleration and brake) to work separately , so I could perform left foot bracking ? I ask this question because in Dirt 3 it works fin , just assigning Z Axis to Acceleration/Brake and it's strange . I tried to assign brake as button and it works , but I want on trigger . Help me please !
  2. I used the same device. Accelerator and break I have on left Stick Y axis, but I also have additional "break" on button 7 as digital input and used filters in RBR for better performance. All work as well...
  3. Did you tried Dirt 3 ? In that game Acc/Brk works fine only using Z Axis . I don't know how but it works .
  4. I try last Dirt, but I dont find the way, how separate this, as in RBR... Seems it's just simulate this affect, but it's not like in real...