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League interest

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dario Jagar, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. 1. RDMX5 S3

  2. 2. RDMC S1

  3. 3. RDIRL S1

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Multiple choice poll!!

    just to check what is the interest for possible leagues before we go too far ahead


    1. MX5 45 minutes races every Saturday around 19:00 GMT 12 weeks/3 drop weeks

    wip schedule:

    date track
    21.01.2012 Oulton Park Circuit - International
    28.01.2012 Okayama International Circuit - Full Course
    04.02.2012 Watkins Glen International - Classic Boot
    11.02.2012 Summit Point Raceway - Summit Point Raceway
    18.02.2012 Mosport International Raceway
    25.02.2012 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - GP Pits
    03.03.2012 Road Atlanta - Full Course
    10.03.2012 Phillip Island - Phillip Island Circuit
    17.03.2012 Charlotte Motor Speedway - Road Course Night
    24.03.2012 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Full
    31.03.2012 Virginia International Raceway - Full Course
    07.04.2012 Sebring International Raceway - Int Night

    2. MultiClass 2 cars 60 minutes races (open poll) every other Sunday around 19:00 GMT 12 weeks/3 drop weeks

    wip schedule:

    date track
    22.01.2012 Daytona International Speedway - Road
    05.02.2012 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Full
    19.02.2012 Road America - Full Course
    04.03.2012 Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course
    18.03.2012 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - GP Pits
    01.04.2012 Homestead Miami Speedway - Road Course A
    15.04.2012 Sebring International Raceway - Int
    29.04.2012 Virginia International Raceway - Full Course
    13.05.2012 Phillip Island - Phillip Island Circuit
    27.05.2012 Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Road Course
    10.06.2012 Watkins Glen International - Boot
    24.06.2012 Infineon Raceway - Long

    3. Indy Road/Oval 60 minutes races every other Sunday around 19:00 GMT 12 weeks/2+2 drop weeks

    wip schedule:

    date track
    29.01.2012 Road Atlanta
    12.02.2012 Michigan
    26.02.2012 Philip Island
    11.03.2012 Indianapolis
    25.03.2012 Spa
    08.04.2012 Pocono
    22.04.2012 Zandvoort
    06.05.2012 Texas
    20.05.2012 Suzuka GP
    03.06.2012 Charlotte
    17.06.2012 Road America
    01.07.2012 Phoenix
  2. voted for mx5 most fun but i race anything with 4wheels

    hopefully i get a new screen before 21st so i can participate
  3. Sat. race for me, Sunday just isn't good for me.
  4. Sat or sunday work equally well,

    Clear and overwheming vote for Indy mixed oval.road league

    Luke warm vote for multiclass but could be fun.

    Vote of no confidence for further MX5 leagues, There seems little additional value in running MX5 leagues while all of us have a good deal of purchased content gathering dust in the pits because RD provides no means to for us to use them in RD events.
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  5. voted for the indycar
  6. Shoot i took the wrong option i cant race on sunday in january can i change my vote to number 1 plz?
  7. voted for mx and for multi class, canot wait to do my first iracing series at rd
  8. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Sunday is better than Saturday but not as good as weekdays for me.
    Cars and tracks : Not as important unless we'd use Oval stuff
  9. I would like to join all 3, but due to my current schedule at work I will probably only be able to join the MultiClass and maybe MX-5.
  10. For me would be MC, but prolly wont be able to make it at Sundays :(
  11. Voted for IndyCar. Saturdays are best to join for some racing. Unfortunately Sundays aren't an option for me due to work.
  12. MC for me, but I am also unable to race at that time on Sundays.
  13. You have content gathering dust and blame RD for it not getting used. Seriously? Why did you purchase it in the first place then?

    You could always run it on iRacing. Just seems a little low blaming RD for you not using it.

    RD have proved alternatives to MX-5 in the past, but the numbers of racers turning up week on week always drop drastically during a season, so think yourself lucky the guys are even bothering to offer up these three options in 2012.
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  14. Please wait a minute Daz. I do think myself very fortunate to have the dedicated staff at RD and am grateful for all the uncompensated hard work they do to make RD the best simracing community in the world.

    This is a thread asking for input and I gave my sincere opinion. You are absolutely right, I can run the other content on iRacing. However, running random races with random people who regardless of the safety rating have random driving behaviors lacks the "esprit de corps" and fulfillment of running at RD. It is my opinion that it would be nice to see a wider variety of iRacing options offered.

    I am very sorry that you took offense to my input as that was not the intent.
  15. My apologies Bob, I didn't mean to come over all mightier than thou and for my post to sound as aggressive as it might have. I think it was the 'gathering dust and RD not providing' that lit my fuse, lol.

    I'm sure the RD guys will try and provide us with the opportunity to use plenty of the content we have. Lets just hope the community show them the support they deserve and get the grids bulging with cars to make it all worthwhile.

    Happy 2012 one and all.
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  16. It looks to me like signups aren't as plentiful as they have been - personally I'm scaling back and will be signing up only for the Indy and iLMS leagues when/if they happen - but:

    Maybe some more external advertising would be warranted - specifically in the iRacing forums and on the minisite they have set up for leagues - get the word out and get some new ppl here to sign up and drive along side our regular veterans... Even mention on the front page of RD - which was done for MX-5 S2 but I dont think for S3 or for MC.
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  17. well I am not much of PR person hehe, but was planning to do some advertising last 10 days for signups in iR forum, was hoping for more regulars from RD first and didn´t want to fill up grids to quickly (if that is possible at all :rolleyes:)

    btw, League interest poll shows that there won´t be Indy League anytime soon, unfortunatelly
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